Love Is Real! Ugliest Man In Uganda Sires 8th Child


You can disagree a thousand times, i”ll however insist Godfrey Baguma is the perfect example of an achiever. For how else could one possibly describe a man who despite his extremely displeasing looks, found fame and fortune. Few of us can really dare to confront our weaknesses and inabilities, the society willingly pardons our failures as understandable, referencing our perceived “natural disadvantages” as the cause for our being losers. Godfrey did not only confront his challenges, but triumphed. And his success story only re-echoes the inspirational quote, “There’s absolutely no excuse to be unsuccessful”.

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In Uganda, Godfrey Baguma suffers from a rare medical condition which bestows on him very unattractive looks that in-turn, earned him the name Sebabi which means “Ugliest of them all“. Yes, he’s literally known as the ugliest man in Uganda. A depressing identity huh? I bet you’d expect Godfrey to ceaselessly hide his face and crawl deep into his shell in order to evade the numerous intruders that want to take a look at the ugliest man in Uganda.

Godfrey Baguma1Contrary to your expectations, Godfrey made the best out of his worrisome quagmire as he introduced “pay as you look”. And like the creative man he is, he started a music career to enable the “look seekers” see more of him in his music videos. This earned him his fortunes, escalated his fame and as perhaps unanticipated, Godfrey is more successful than a huge majority of his country men who are handsome and perfect.

However, Godfrey’s love re-surges as he fathers his eight child from his second wife. The story narrates that Godfrey divorced his first wife after he caught her cheating with another man. Quoting Godfrey, KFM stated that his former wife liked him because of his money, and “people kept telling her that she could do better, so she eloped with another man.”

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Godfrey then met his present wife Namanda. According to him, “I stayed with her four years before her people knew where she was. I didn’t want them to see me until we had a child because they would definitely advise her to leave me…She left me when she was six months pregnant but I think she later accepted her fate because she came back two months later.”

He officially married Namanda in 2013 and the guests at the wedding paid Shs4,000 to see the ugliest man and the woman he’s to marry. Below is a video footage of his wedding that went viral.