Lindiwe Hani Wants To Meet The Man That Murdered Her Father


Chris Hani’s daughter Lindiwe Hani has requested to meet her father’s murderer Janusz Walus for “a victim-offender dialogue”.

Sunday Times reports that her request came a day after the court ordered Walus to be released on parole within 14 days by Judge Nicoline Janse van Nieuwenhuizen of the High Court in Pretoria.

With this move, Lindiwe would be defying the family’s order not to meet Walus nor accept his apology.

Judge Van reportedly noted that Walus, in 2011 had earlier made “various endeavors to personally apologize to the Hani family” but that the family had refused to accept his apology or meet him.

South African Communist Party (SACP) struggle icon Chris Hani was shot and killed outside his home in Dawn Park, Boksburg, on April 10, 1993 by Janusz Walus.

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Investigation into the murder further revealed that Hani’s murder was politically motivated and that he was shot once in the body and three times in the head.

Walus has however served 23 years of his sentence for murdering Hani while his cohort, Clive Derby-Lewis, who brought out the gun used for Hani’s assassination was also jailed for life.

79-year-old Lewis had spent over 22 years in prison and was dying of lung cancer. And in January 2015, a medical report stated that he was given just six more months to live.

After being denied parole several times, he was granted a medical parole in May 2015 and was subsequently released from jail in June 2015. But it baffles many that Derby-Lewis is still alive today.

Be that as it may, Lindiwe has insisted that she is not ready yet to talk to the media when she was approached to confirm if indeed she wrote to meet his father’s killer.

“No comment, I am not speaking to the media.” she said

Meanwhile, the Young Communist League (YCLSA) of South Africa said on Sunday that Walus does not deserve to be integrated back into society.

Speaking further, the organization stated that the decision to grant Walus parole was a blow in the face of South Africans.

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“The murder of Comrade Hani nearly brought the country to a civil war on the eve of the dawn of democracy and we were robbed of one of the best [and]sharpest minds of our revolution,” the league noted in a statement.

Commenting on the view that Walus be deported to the home of his birth, the organization said “Janus Waluz leaving the country would explicitly mean that the Gauteng High Court judgment should be accepted and Waluz is free to go without any explanation.”

Meanwhile, the National Director of the Khulumani Support Group doctor Marjorie Dobson, opined that the deceased family and South Africans have been wronged because what the justice department needs to find out is the man behind Hani’s assassination.

Dobson noted that digging out who ordered Hani’s killing is the main problem but that it has apparently been pushed aside.

“Who ordered the killing of Chris Hani? That is the primary question for the family,”

“The government and especially the [department] and its minister are trying to regress by trying to foreground the lack of justice for victims.” Dobson stressed.

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