ANC Chief Whip Wails Over Party Performance At Polls


ANC chief whip, Jackson Mthembu lamented over his party performance at polls saying the ANC will have to conduct and in-depth scrutiny to find out what went wrong.

The ruling party, according to IEC’s latest results, has garnered 53.37% of the vote nationwide.

So far, 93% of the votes have been calculated. And, it’s almost certain, the ruling party can’t reach its 2011 61.95% nation wide support.

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That, Mthembu said, is a “cause for concern”.

He said: “…this is the first election where the ANC will be standing around 54%, 55%. All the elections we had over 60%. The mere fact that you are standing around 54%, 55% is indeed a cause for concern.

Therefore, the ANC must look itself in the eye because we don’t believe that any of the organisations that are on offer in South Africa have a better solution than the ANC.”

ANC Must Figure-out What Went Wrong

The ANC chief whip charged that the ruling party must uncover where they derailed. He said ANC must analyze the outcome of the elections in-order to comprehend the cause of its loss.

“If we do have a better solution, what went wrong? If our policies are the best policies, what went wrong? If our delivery mechanisms are best, where did we go wrong? If the offerings that we were giving to our people are the best offerings, what went wrong?

We have to look ourselves in the face to be very critical of ourselves so that come 2019, come another election, we are able to regain the lost ground.”

However, ANC in a media statement issued by its’ national spokesperson, said the party is “buoyant and energized” by the election results.

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To Zizi Kodwa, ANC is surging ahead in the polls nationally.

“…the ANC has garnered 54.15% of the vote nationwide. The opposition Democratic Alliance (DA) is trailing behind at a mere 26.9%.

This result affirms the organization’s confidence that South Africans have once again entrusted the ANC with managing the country’s municipalities.

Contrary to the doomsday predictions of a range of pollsters, commentators and analysts the voters of South Africa continue to have confidence in the ANC.

South Africans have once again come out countrywide to reaffirm the ANC’s progressive, pro-poor, pro-development service delivery agenda.

The ANC has run a positive election campaign grounded in confidence and optimism, and rooted in the organization’s outstanding service delivery track record: and the people of South Africa have spoken,” read Kodwa’s statement.

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