Hello Basothos, South Africa Will Not Be Deporting A Lot Of You Guys


Report has it that the South African government has concluded plans not to send back citizens of Lesotho, illegally living in South Africa back to their father land. According to the Home Affairs Minister Malusi Gigaba, the country will only deport every Basotho with criminal record(s) and kick-start issuing the Lesotho Special Permit.

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As related by EWN, the Home Affairs Minister announced that South Africa has introduced a Lesotho Special Permit. The permit will allow citizens of the country living in South Africa to live in the country for four years as long as they are schooling, working or operating a business in South Africa.

Revealing that application for the permit will be conducted at designated centers in all the nine provinces, Gigaba emphasized that the only Basotho who will be sent back home are those who have criminal records. And thereafter, stated that the Lesotho Special Permit will benefit South Africa’s economy and the security of the nation. 

“It is of enormous benefit to our country because in that way many of them, especially those conducting business, can therefore pay tax. Those who are studying can make their skills available both to our country and to Lesotho upon completion of their studies. Those who are working can open bank accounts and send remittances back home,” the Home Affairs Minister buttressed.

Gigaba had previously informed the nation that February 2016 is the targeted date to officially kickoff the Lesotho special permit program. He then argued that the Lesotho special permit would advance the goals of the National Development Plan.

According to him, “It makes no business sense to sustain funding for deportations that can clearly be avoided, with Lesotho being among the four highest countries whose nationals South Africa deports.”

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