Top DA Member Divulges Why The Party Cannot Win 2019 Election On Its Own


Western Cape Premier and former DA leader Helen Zille has admitted that the Democratic Alliance (DA) can never emerge victorious in the 2019 general elections on its own.

Speaking on Monday at the Cape Town Press Club, the veteran politician said despite the fact that the DA excelled in the just concluded municipal elections, it needs other political parties to sail through at the national elections in 2019.

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“Not on our own. We did well in local government elections because the ANC voters stayed away in droves. But how can we make sure the people who stayed away come to the polls and vote for us?

If we want to stay in power, we have to rely on the support of the EFF, which is very dangerous. Currently, the EFF are determined not to have the ANC in power, but that might change at any point,” she asserted.

Leader Helen Zille Predicts SA Politics

Zille also predicted that soon politics in South Africa will metamorphose from a “colour/race” thing to a struggle between the blue, the yellow and the red economic policies.

In addition, the top DA member said the yellow block (ANC) is at its weakest point now and would soon crash. But Zille said the critical question is how would the cracks fall. “Will they fall on the red or blue side?” she asked rhetorically.

She expressed sadness that the EFF could not grab a spot during the local government elections, as that would have given voters a better idea of the governing policies of all the three leading parties.

“I wanted them to win somewhere, so we can show the blue government in action, the yellow government in action and the red government in action, so that we can give people a choice,” she added.

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Zille was speaking at the launch of her book, entitled: “Not without a Fight”. Therein, she regretted supporting Lindiwe Mazibuko in the race for DA parliamentary leader against Athol Trollip. To crown it all, she described Mazibuko’s tenure at the helm as a “plane crash”.