Lawlessness In South Africa: EFF Says Police Ministry Is Only Interested In Social Media


EFF (Economic Freedom Fighters) is appalled at the state of lawlessness in South Africa.

The Fighters expressed it’s horrifying the country’s police ministry is a “social media club house”.

From top leaders in the highest echelons of government who steal public funds to the lowest thugs on our streets who are breaking the law in full view of everyone, nothing is happening to them, wailed the party.

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EFF highlighted four recent instances which showed that lawlessness in South Africa is spine-chilling.

First, EFF reminded South Africans that a prominent political leader, Sindiso Magaqa was shot by assassins defending corruption in Mzimkhulu, KZN. Though Magaqa died a few days ago, it’s been over a month he and two other councilors were shot, “yet no arrests have been made,” lamented the party.

Thereafter, Malema’s party related how criminals, this week, highjacked refuse removal trucks of the Tshwane municipality and dumped refuse on the roads.

“They did this to frustrate the work of the municipality because their tender applications were not chosen. Still, no arrests are made and there are no consequences to their actions,” stated the party.

Also, the Fighters spotlighted that Meter taxi drivers in Sandton are torching Uber cars, assaulting Uber drivers in full view of the police.

After that, the party accentuated that bodyguards of an ANC Ethekwini secretary were brandishing guns in public. According to the Fighters, some of the guns are illegal in the country and they are using them to threatening death to others.

“To this day, they have not been arrested for openly breaking the law … All the while our Ministry of Police is a social media club house. On the ground, there is absolutely no police efficiency because, in essence, the department is dysfunctional,” EFF specified.

There is absolutely no police efficiency, the department is dysfunctional

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With the foregoing, EFF upheld that the country’s ruling party is failing to hold South Africa together and enforce the rule of law because it is itself a collection of criminals.

“Ordinary people’s lives are frustrated because criminality is now the order of the day. ANC is scared of criminals, it is run by criminals and it rewards criminals. As a result, it is surrendering every aspect of society into criminals and criminality.

“Society must be defended from a criminal government and the criminals who deny our people services and basic freedoms.

“We must reclaim our lives and institute street committees of people’s power to push back against crime.  We are on our own because the Ministry of Police is only interested in social media,” EFF reiterated.