KZN Bigwig Sends Warning Message To ANC Against President Zuma


In November 2016, ANC KZN bigwig Senzo Mchunu, without mincing words, requested the ANC to clear his name on several allegations leveled against him while he served as KwaZulu-Natal premier.

He was reportedly accused of wastefully increasing the number of staff in the premier’s office from 300 to 500 and interfering in the programs of some MEC among others.

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These allegations subsequently led to his premature resignation in May 2016 after losing the ANC’s provincial leadership race to Sihle Zikalala.

Since Mchunu left the wheels and took the back seat, he has taken a more pragmatic evaluation about the ANC – ranging from its structural leadership, down to the fat factionalism bulge in the party.

The former premier said he was certain a competing faction in the ANC masterminded his unceremonious removal and lamented that the fast-growing factionalism in the party might smash the 105-year-old party against the rock if no serious step is taken to arrest the menace.

He expressed deep worry about the current state of the ruling party and attributed the downfalls to President Zuma’s leadership. Mchunu warned members of the ruling party to be very wary of President Zuma and his sustained ploy towards his succession battles.

For him, Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa is not only fit, but also suitable enough to take over the reins of the party. He maintained that the ANC “doesn’t need to change direction” but should follow the existing principle that has guided the party for years. This principal, if implemented will see Ramaphosa taking over from Zuma.

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“Currently, there is a deputy president who is Cyril Ramaphosa, who is eligible,” he said.

Touching on his career, the former KwaZulu-Natal Premier said he won’t hesitate to make a comeback to politics if elected.

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