KwaZulu-Natal Principal And 2 Teachers Gang Rape School Girl


It has emerged that a KwaZulu-Natal principal and 2 teachers gang raped a school girl in the coastal province.

This is one of the many reasons the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) bemoaned the level of lawlessness in South Africa as horrifying and blood-curdling.

Upholding that South Africa’s police ministry is a “social media club house”, the Fighters urged South Africans to reclaim their lives by instituting “street committees of people’s power to push back against crime. We are on our own…,” stressed the Fighters.

The EFF’s sentiment is popular among South Africans. Crimes are been perpetrated in the most hateful, reprehensible and abominable manner. 

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Last week, BuzzSouthAfrica reported that educators impregnated 30 learners at Bothitong High School. It was alleged that the educators used their position of authority and economic status to coerce girl learners and turned them into their sex slaves.

While South Africans are yet to comprehend how pervs in the guise of educators thrived in the high school, it emerged that a KwaZulu-Natal principal and 2 teachers gang raped a school girl.

According to reports, the principal and two other teachers were identified gang raping the school girl in a video that has gone viral. Confirming this, the Basic Education Department in the province asserted that the incident isn’t only shocking but disgustful.

From our gatherings, the department has already informed the police about the incident and, that the educators will be arrested soon.

Reporting this, EWN detailed that four school teachers in Empangeni have been implicated in sexual assault cases. Commenting, Elijah Mhlanga of the national Basic Education Department stated that educators are trusted to protect and help the development of learners, not to prey on them.

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Mhlanga reportedly said:

“All three of them on one learner, that’s shocking, disgusting and disappointing for people who are supposed to protect the learners, only to find them being predators.”

With that, he divulged that Basic Education will today, issue letter of suspension to seven educators, including a principal and the head of a department because of the incident.