Kisses For Sale: Manaka Ranaka Launches Unusual Initiative For The Greater Good


Manaka Ranaka who is popular for her role as Lucy Diale, the mother of Namhla Diale in the SABC1 soapie Generations: The Legacy has started a rare initiative to help the needy.

Ranaka is presently selling kisses to raise funds to get sanitary towels for young girls. Following a past encounter, the actress decided to start an initiative to kiss men for R10 each.

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Apparently, the idea hit her on Valentine’s Day when she decided to spread the love. She acknowledged people who work in Generations’ art department by giving them baby kisses. Along the line, it occurred to her that she could actually make money for a good cause from it.

“I gave all of them baby kisses. I realised then that I could sell the kisses to raise funds for young girls from disadvantaged communities. I plan to continue with the initiative the whole year.”

Her priority here is to make sure young girls stay in school even during their periods.

“How long do some girls miss school in a year becoz of not having basic sanitary pads??? I think that’s a more important question aneh??,” she tweeted.

To make sure the initiative works as planned, she has been posting photos on social media, inviting people to buy a kiss.

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In the meantime, actress Manaka Ranaka is selling the kisses at the SABC, but will still extend the love to other areas with time.

Meanwhile, some people even dipped deeper into their pockets to pay more than the stipulated amount for a kiss.

 So far, the initiative has garnered a lot of support from social media users who applauded the actress for her efforts. She has received messages from fans who are willing to participate and contribute to her cause.

Here are some of the reactions the initiative received from social media users;