Take A Guess – How Many Whites Were Killed By Blacks Last Month?


Albeit truthful, the headline is admittedly, inciting. Nonetheless, what needs to be done, needs to be done. It’s not logically sound to worry about sensitive headlines when inhumane and much greater evil persistently plagues our nation. Moreover, it’s not as though the white South Africans will pick up arms to get justice the street way. They are hugely outnumbered and really understand the situation of things in this country.

They know for real that all blacks are not retarded to go about killing white South Africans who are their fellow citizens and are as well aware that the retarded blacks do not restrain their killings to whites. These blacks kill other blacks, and whites are well-informed about this. Like I said, they really understand the situation of things in South Africa.

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Blacks do kill blacks, however, the killers are seemingly attracted more to murdering white South Africans. Ernst Roets the deputy CEO of AfriForum related that within the “last five years there has been a gradual increase, not only in farm attacks but also in farm murders across South Africa.” Below are some of the recent 2015 reports of white South Africans killed by blacks on farms and in suburban areas as found in Farmitracker. Someone somewhere is counting, and the figure is alarming.

  • As told, this family lost their jobs and subsequently sold their house in Pretoria West, they then moved to Brits, hoping to find work. There, 3 black robbers were so determined to take the family’s last R30 and single cell phone that they stabbed Andries Snyman (59) thrice. An ambulance arrived four hours later by which time Andries had died.
  • Peter Johnston (56) of Nyoni sugarcane-plantation, Eshowe, KZN was shot by gunmen from outside when he opened the front door to greet his brother Ian. Peter died at the scene while Ian who was equally shot in the face was rushed to the hospital.
  • Frank Itumelen, 22, and Ben Thabo, 19, were arrested in Bankarra outside Kuruman for allegedly shooting Christo Kruger, on his farm. A third suspect was later arrested, meanwhile, Kruger died and nothing was stolen.
  • Daphne Higgins (86) was murdered on Friday in her home in Bellville by a black male who climbed through her roof, hit her over the head and strangled her to death.
  • Afrikaner woman Susan Loubser, 79, was beaten brutally, dragged through her blood-coated house in Goodwood. The male suspect who was arrested lived in an apartment in the same street as the victim. He tore down the security gates to get into the elderly woman’s house. The only items ‘robbed’ were a plasma TV.
  • Johan Stevens 65, retired principal of Danie Theron Primary School, was killed in a hate crime by a black man with AK47 who first shot him in the chest and then in his face.
  • Ben van Wyk, 53, dies in hospital of torture ordeal by three black hijackers.
  • Nicolas Els was stabbed while kneeling beside his bed. He died as a result of many stab wounds in his back.
  • An Unidentified white woman was found tied up, strangled to death in Horison home.
  • Marthinus Herbst was shot dead with two shots by home-invaders while he was asleep on the couch with the baby.
  • Peter Piet Jakob and 2 dogs was shot dead by 4 blacks on his mother’s Grootfontein smallholding. He was shot in the back of head and shoulder-blade and his mother narrated that four young black males ran away from the farm gate after the shooting, and nothing was stolen.

The list of the senseless killings is endless and as MARELISE VAN DER MERWE wrote, “apartheid is alive and well and held firmly in place by the very people who fought it. Only this time the looting and casualties are in plain sight…South Africa is losing its humanity, its empathy, and its capacity to take responsibility for its actions and other human beings. We’re lost. Who’s going to find us”?

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