Khanyi Mbau Reacts To Rumours She lost Virginity To Lucky Dube, Hear Her Out


South African TV personality, actress and socialite diva Khanyi Mbau is fuming over another conflicting ‘fake’ article, which claims she lost her virginity to the late Lucky Dube.

According to the article going viral on the social media, Khanyi personally shocked her fans when she “revealed” via a post on the social media that she had lost her virginity at the age of 18 to legendary musician Lucky Dube.

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In her interview with TMG Entertainment, Khanyi expressed her disappointment and utmost disgust at the extent people are willing to go to bring her down. She labelled the post a “smear campaign.”

“Last night I was confronted by the most disturbing post on social media claiming ‘I made a confession about having sexual intercourse with the late Mr Lucky Dube. It came as a pain at first but mostly it was disgust in how there is a group of people hell bent on destroying my name and blowing my light out. It’s public knowledge that I have major projects in the pipeline – things that were initially stolen from me years ago due to my naïve and immature self,” Khanyi said.

Adding that though she worked so hard over the past eight years to turn her life around and become a solid human being, some people are still hell-bent on keeping the image of her past alive.

However, she refuses to let this slide.

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And for anyone looking for confessions from Khanyi Mbau, she refers them to her tell-all book which she wrote seven years ago.

“To the Dube family I wrote a book on my encounters as a child and said once I close the book, my past would be a closed chapter. For the record I dated two men, one happens to be the father of my child and the other was out of not being guided correctly,” she added.

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