Memes: Khanyi Mbau Responds To Those Mocking Her Pink Skin


Apparently, all the derogatory comments about the colour of her skin left no mark on actress, singer and media personality Khanyi Mbau.

Khanyi has responded that the negative comments she received on social media for her complexion did not come as a surprise. Instead, she acknowledged the fact that haters will always find something to criticise, no matter what you do.

Unfazed, Khanyi said she has come to accept the fact that people will always criticise anything she does even after 13 years in the industry.

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“13 years later and people still question everything I do. I just stay blessed,” she said.

The Metro FM DJ became the talk of Twitter town with some users saying she was competing with the pink chairs behind her in a picture she shared on social media. Thus, the Shake hitmaker found herself topping the local Twitter trends list on Tuesday. This followed the picture of herself with a very lighter complexion.

The picture soon went viral and users had a field day posting hilarious memes and comments, mocking Khanyi’s “pink” complexion.

While some said Khanyi Mbau had started her own race as she was not black anymore, yet not quite white, some others pointed out that her kids would still look black.

Here are some of the memes and jokes:

Again, they said that though she was beautiful, she would have difficulty convincing her ancestors it was her if she approached them for help. One even mentioned that God may not recognise her on judgement day.

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Referring to her fingers on the picture, one said that she may be looking “pink”, but her disobedient hands just won’t change colour.

Khanyi responded to some of the hate with a message questioning why people were still talking about her. However, she later deleted the tweet and took to just observing.