Kenya Okays Conducting Anal Examination To Fish-out Gays


Unlike South Africa, Kenyan gays are compelled to like the things they like secretly.

Despite Obama’s intervention, homosexuality is widely regarded as improper and unacceptable to Kenya’s perception of morality and cultural values.

Irrespective of the many organizations battling to protect and improve LGBT rights, Kenyan gays are in trouble if they are caught expressing their feelings intimately. The state punishes same-sex sexual acts as crimes.

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And now, the East Africa country has justified conducting anal examination to fish-out gays who related intimately in order to dish out the suitable punishment.

As culled from Reuters report, two men being prosecuted for having gay sex in Kenya lost their legal bid yesterday.

The men attempted to challenge the state’s right to force suspects to have anal examinations. They wanted the court to rule that the forced examinations used to prove if  gay sex has taken place is a degrading treatment and a violation of human rights.

However, the high court judge, Matthew Emukule ruled that there are sufficient justification under the Kenyan law to allow the intrusion into the human body for the purpose of gathering evidence to prove a sexually related crime.

He dismissed the petition asserting that it has no merit.

Meanwhile, Amnesty International said the anal examinations are ‘totally unacceptable”.

Commenting, its regional director Muthoni Wanyeki remarked that the court ruling is “absurd as the government has no business proving or disproving consensual homosexual activity.”

Similarly, New York-based Human Rights Watch argued that the anal examinations might amount to torture under international law.

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Although Kenya once stated that the Government won’t support the discrimination of Kenyan gays in terms of access to services, it stipulated that there had been serious intolerance because of cultural beliefs and overwhelming opposition to the decriminalization of same-sex relationships and that it can’t go against the desire of the majority.