Karel Schoeman: The Disturbing Reason Why The Renowned Afrikaans Writer Committed Suicide


Renowned South African author and Afrikaans writer Karel Schoeman has died.

Schoeman, 77, died on Tuesday at the Noederbloem retirement home after taking his own life. As revealed by Maroela Media, the internationally acclaimed writer addressed a letter to his lawyer, Carl van Rensburg prior to his death. In the letter, Schoeman allegedly revealed his plans to commit suicide. He also gave permission for the information relating to his suicide to be released publicly.

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Shockingly, this is not the first time the writer had tried to take his own life. He revealed that he planned his death many years ago and would have been dead long ago. As a matter of fact, at age 75, he had tried and failed at an attempt to take his own life.

“An attempt at 75 was thwarted by circumstance, and in the meantime, I’ve turned 77: It is, therefore, necessary to approach the matter purposefully,” he wrote in the letter.

Schoeman wrote that he considered the legal route of committing suicide by starving himself. Apparently, that didn’t work out and according to his lawyer, it appears like he found an alternative method to end the life he had come to loathe.

By the way, it’s still unclear how Schoeman took his own life.

“Not even the doctor knows how it happened. An autopsy will be done to determine how it happened,” his lawyer said.

While most people pray for a long life, Schoeman revealed in his letter that he did not wish to grow old. This is because he didn’t want to face the challenges that come with it.

Schoeman ended his suicide letter by saying he hopes his decision will bring about change in the country.

“And above all that it will help bring about a change in the current South African legislation in terms of autonomy.”

“So that is enough.”

Read the full text here;

Schoeman’s Suicide Letter

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Karel Schoeman was an awarded South African novelist, historian and translator. Before his death, he published 19 novels and numerous works of history that will ensure that his legacy lives on.

According to Van Rensburg, Schoeman will be cremated because it’s what he wanted.