SA Will Speedily Go Bankrupt Under EFF – Political Commentator


It is obvious that the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) have no knowledge that the world is a global village. Therefore, pushing them to power will only land the country into hardship and bankruptcy, says political commentator Justice Malala.

Speaking at a State of the Nation breakfast hosted by Deloitte on Friday, Malala postulated that the opposition party’s assertions can stand the test of time in competitive politics, while the ANC has become “schizophrenic” in its response to the party.

“The good news is that civil society is waking up and that we have competitive politics. The reality of protest has arrived and the impact of political events on our economy is that some now say economic growth of even just 0.8% could be expected.

“If we don’t fix things and keep an eye on the ball in the current economic and political turbulence, our plane could go down,” Malala said.

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Malama however thinks that the EFF will sweep many other political parties off their feet by winning massively in areas around Tshwane in the upcoming municipal elections.

However, he opined that it is of key importance to remember that when people see the ANC vote for the expropriation bill, it is regarded as a sign that government wants to intervene in the economy.

Speaking further, the public commentator also belaboured why it won’t be an easy game pushing Zuma out of power. According to him, the real power sits in the ANC’s National Executive Council and 75% of the members have been elected on the Zuma ticket.

So “If Zuma goes, they will most likely go because they have no real support outside of his sphere. He will only step down if there is a clear successor and so far there is not.”

Justice Malala Speaks More About SA Economy

Malama did not mince words when he claimed that the cold war in the ANC is between the factions of President Jacob Zuma and Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa.

In his advice, he said, “We must, however, be clear what the impact of our politics is on the economy. Unemployment figures show it is actually at 36%, so 8.9 million people cannot find work.

It is a major factor. I think the protests we have seen so far will be nothing like what is still to come in the run-up of the election.”

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He added that the forthcoming elections will be very competitive considering the fact that there have been an estimated 14 700 service delivery unrests in the country.

“The ANC was the centre of politics, but has been on a downward trajectory the last ten years. Other trends I see is that power has moved from the ANC to civil society. The ANC is not the only determinant any more,” Justice Malala asserted.

The EFF has continued to garner support ahead of August 3- being the date scheduled for local government elections. The left-wing party has also make Zuma’s administration unbearable for him, especially after its members repeatedly interrupted him in Parliament, demanding his immediate resignation.