Justice Department To Draft New And Stiffer Laws Against Racism


I bet you, people who found themselves in South Africa before 1994 know better about the apartheid regime than men and women who emerged after the vexatious era.

Now, having fought so hard to break loose from the shackles of the white minority rule and all forms of segregation their era paraded, unity and love was expected to be the buzzword in South Africa.

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Love irrespective of colour, unity irrespective of race, tribe or clan were what our founding fathers fought for. But, it is very disheartening that the love and unity that kept us close after 1994 is beginning to sink rapidly in recent times.

South Africans must know that we are one irrespective of colour, at least for the fact that each and everyone of us has ‘red blood’. Yes, many have described racism as a monster which must be stabbed to death.

Although the year didn’t start on a wonderful note as usual following racist remarks on Facebook by Penny Sparrows who referred to Durban’s black beach-goers as monkeys  and others. That notwithstanding, it is not late to push out that divisive monster called racism. If the country must achieve greater feats then racism must be stabbed.

Justice Department To Tackle Racism

To this effect, government has announced that the Justice Department is considering drafting new laws to prevent racism and hate speech in the country.

This development was necessitated following perceived racist remarks by Pretoria High Court Judge Mabel Jansen. Jasen’s remarks went viral after a journalist shared their private discussions on Facebook. In her post last weekend, Jansen purportedly labelled all black men as rapists.

Though the embattled Judge alleged that her comments specifically points to the number of rape-related cases that had crossed her desk, many people poured out different degrees of anger on the judge.

Speaking further about the ugly remark on Thursday, acting Minister in the Presidency Nosiviwe Mapisa-Nqakula said cabinet condemned the blatant racism some individuals in the country displayed, particularly on social media.

”The pronouncements by an esteemed member of the judiciary were unfortunate and not in keeping with what our society expects from members of the judiciary,” Mapisa-Nqakula said during a briefing following Cabinet’s regular fortnightly meeting.

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Meanwhile, Judge Jansen has been placed on special leave by the the Judicial Service Commission. Also, her case is currently undergoing investigation by concerned authorities.

Racism in South Africa was officially ended in 1994 after the blacks regained freedom from white minority rule. But, in recent times, the upsurge of the racism in the country is beginning to eat many deep especially SA’s Justice Department, who is at front line in carrying out justice among people of different colors in the country.