Watch: Jumia Delivery Man Killed By 3 Nigerians After Delivering 2 iPhones


Buzzouthafrica learned that three suspects have been arrested by the Nigerian police for the death of a Jumia Delivery man on Saturday, March 25.

The suspects, simply identified as Sodienye Mbatumukeke, Excel Divine Naabe, and Joy Eluwa reportedly beat up the victim, Mr. Chukwuma Eleje, before shooting him dead. Eluwa is said to be Mbatumukeke’s girlfriend.

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Eleje was killed while delivering two iPhones to the suspects, who had ordered for them through the Internet on Saturday.

In an attempt to cover up the crime, one of the suspects, Mbatumukeke reportedly shoved Eleje’s lifeless body down a septic tank.

The suspects were arrested by the Nigerian elite unit – SARS operatives – on Tuesday, March 27, after a tip-off by some neighbors who noticed suspicious movement around the house.

In a video that has since gone viral, the suspects confessed to the crime. One of the suspects Naabe, claimed he was on a visit when he saw his friend, Mbatumukeke pushing the deceased into the septic tank.

He alleged: “On my way to this place, I saw him (Mbatumukeke); he was packaging something like a black waste bin. He was saying I should just go inside and chill out. He said he would soon join me in the room.

I overheard some neighbors asking him what he was doing close to the septic tank and he gave them an excuse. I went inside and saw bloodstains in the bathroom. When I queried him, he brought out a gun and pointed it at me, saying if I uttered a word about what I saw, he would kill all my family members.”

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But Mbatumukeke denied killing the courier man, claiming that it was Naabe that hit the delivery agent on the head with an iron.

“He hit him with iron on the head and blood was gushing out. I was afraid; I was vibrating. I didn’t know what to do. God is my witness,” he said.

The incident took place at Ada George compound, in Port Harcourt, a Southern state in Nigeria.

Following the arrest of the suspects, anxiety has heightened in Nigeria over the safety of delivery men. An investigation into the death of Mr. Chukwuma Eleje is still ongoing.