Joburg’s War Against Corruption: Jozi Mayor To Return Hijacked Buildings To Owners


Determined to continue with his operation against corruption in his city, a leaked document reveals that Jozi mayor Herman Mashaba plans to set up a “shock and awe” campaign to return “hijacked” buildings to their owners.

According to Bloomberg’s claim, the leaked document detailed a forensic unit’s plans to “adopt the ‘shock and awe’ doctrine” based “on the use of overwhelming power and a spectacular display of force to paralyze the enemy’s perception of the battlefield and destroy its will to fight.”

The strategy which is said to have been used by US forces in Iraq, is said to be at its early stage and had only been presented as a concept.

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The “shock-and-awe” presentation also reportedly had in it that rights groups were a “challenge” to their plan.

Mayor Mashaba reacted to the leaked document saying it would be “premature to have a public discussion” about it and that he would  deal with whoever leaked it.

Bonita Meyersfeld, head of the Centre for Applied Legal Studies, accused Jozi mayor of being unconstitutional with his strategy. The leader of the group- which has been representing people in illegal eviction cases since 1978- said Mashaba’s administration is setting a  is a prejudice against foreign nationals and against people who are poor.

“The mayor, in my view, has taken a position that is unconstitutional. Isn’t it a real problem that he sees human rights organizations as a challenge?”  Meyersfeld said.

In like manner, DA leader, Mmusi Maimane, said that the presentation was “poorly worded” and that it is important that Mashaba’s municipality operates “within the confines of the law”.

The mayor’s meeting was on Thursday, disrupted as hundreds” of [email protected] programme employees together with Jozi Bread owners and mushroom farmers staged a protest outside the City of Johannesburg Council chamber.


ANC Joburg Region blamed the mayor for the mass protests and added that the march would be stepping stone for series of more marches “if Mashaba continues with the arrogance that he displays”

The mayor refused to speak to the protesters but said he would lay charges against those responsible for the violence and damage to City property.

He accused the ruling party of instigating the protest in a bid to derail Council proceedings.

“The protest was clearly organised by the ANC in a bid to derail Council proceedings. The blame must be put squarely at the feet of the ANC.” he said, adding that the Johannesburg Social Movement’s frontman‚ Tshepang Mokgatla‚ was the ANC’s councillor candidate for the recent elections in ward 125. He lost that ward to the DA and is now dedicating his time to destabilizing this administration.

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Jozi mayor had earlier this month, cancelled the [email protected] programme‚ saying that the programme favoured members of ANC branches above any unemployed resident of Johannesburg.