Jeremy Mansfield Announces Political Ambitions And This Happens


After wishing his Facebook followers well for the New Year on Monday, renowned radio host Jeremy Mansfield made a shocking announcement.

The former 947 radio host took everyone by surprise when he announced that he will try his hands at politics in 2017.

According to Jeremy, his school mate finally convinced him. Thus, he will “run for the DA in the 2019 elections”.

He wrote in a Facebook post this week;

Belated New Year greetings. May 2017 bring blessings to our country, its people and animals. I will be trying to make my contribution. After years of badgering my school mate Ross Purdon (MP) has finally convinced me to run for the DA in the 2019 elections. So the work starts now!”

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And while some of Jeremy’s followers welcomed his decision, some others accused him of being a wife-beater and entering politics for the financial gain. He was also accused of trying to use his popularity to gain access into politics.

Surprised at the rate people attacked him after the announcement, Jeremy Mansfield returned to Facebook on Wednesday with a bag full of shades. To address the criticism and defend his decision, the political aspirant said he’s already growing the thick skin he needs to enter into politics.

Wow! Amazed at some of the accusations and vitriol posted on my site after my last post saying I had agreed to run for the DA in the next election. I have been accused of wife abuse, entering politics for financial gain and been told I am not a pleasant person for a variety of reasons. And that’s before I’ve even gone into politics! I am already starting to grow my thick skin, because when I am there I will be even more vocal. I think Louise Huisamenn summed it up in a post by saying why are on my Facebook book page if you hate me so much. Unfriend me!

The second post attracted more positive comments from followers who lashed out at the critics.