National Party Is Now Alive And Well Under Jacob Zuma’s ANC – Maimane


According to the DA leader, Mmusi Maimane the apartheid National Party has been resurrected, is alive, but has masked its face as Jacob Zuma’s ANC.

Speaking at a picket outside the SABC headquarters in Auckland Park, Johannesburg, Maimane remarked that Hlauid Motsoeneng under Zuma’s instruction is successfully turning the public broadcaster into a state propaganda machine.

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ANC government he said, has adopted apartheid style tactics. The DA will not allow that to thrive, Maimane vowed.

“We gather here today…to demonstrate our unequivocal opposition to, and disapproval of, the revival of an old apartheid relic – a tactic of the National Party that is now alive and well under Jacob Zuma’s ANC.

That, democrats, is the resurgence of state censorship under the ANC. It was the National Party that employed these tactics at the height of apartheid in order to paint a ‘good story’ of South Africa and to hide the real state of affairs in the country from both the domestic and international audience.

Today, under Jacob Zuma and Hlaudi Motsoeneng, we see the exact same thing unfolding,” said the DA leader.

Maimane pointed out that State capture of the media helps failing and unpopular government hide the truth and paint a false narrative of the real state of affairs.

To him, the project of the media state capture is to protect the battered image of Jacob Zuma and the ANC.

He said: “what we are witnessing is the operations of a dictator. President Zuma knows that if you can control the airwaves, you can control the country. And in order to do this, Zuma requires an unbridled dictator. He has found that in Hlaudi Motsoeneng.

The power of censorship and state capture of the media is unrestrained. It starts with a few editorial decisions that seem justifiable, and next thing you know entire programs are cancelled, journalists are fired, and the truth as to what is happening in our country is completely distorted for political gain.

When journalists and the media question the ANC’s abuse of power – they’re censored or fired. When those inside the ANC question the ANC’s abuse of power – they’re demoted and ostracized. And when ordinary South Africans question the ANC’s abuse of power – they’re called sell-outs and apartheid sympathizers.”

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With the foregoing, Maimane reiterated that Jacob Zuma’s ANC has resurrected the apartheid National Party in South Africa.

“We stand with members of the media profession…who seek to carry out their jobs without fear, favor or prejudice.

The DA will not rest until Mr Motsoeneng is stripped of his position and we can start rebuilding a public broadcaster that honors the constitutional imperatives on which it is founded by operating in the public interest,” Maimane promised.

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