“It Is Not The Business Of Government Per Se To Create Jobs” – President Zuma


While addressing guests at the opening of the National House of Traditional Leaders, President Zuma made a declaration that It is not exactly the duty of the government to create jobs for the citizens, rather the government should create a conducive environment for investors to grow their businesses and in turn create jobs for the people.

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“It is not the business of government per se to create jobs,” he told the gathering on Thursday.

“We must create the right environment for business to thrive, so that they can create jobs for our people.”

Government has had having series of meeting with the business community In the past few weeks and an inter-ministerial committee on investment promotion had been established by President Zuma. This committee aims at finding out the obstacles and laws hindering the smooth operation of business.

President Zuma had asked the business community to tell him which regulations were making it difficult to operate in the country and in return, they sent him a “comprehensive contribution” which he would discuss with the ministers on Friday.

It is not surprising to see that the concerns the Free Market Foundation (FMF) had raised included delays in getting property registered and lengthy procedures for permits and of course taxes.

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According to the FMF, the trial and judgment to enforce a contract could take as long as 500 days. It took around two-and-a-half years to resolve an insolvency while only about 36% of the money owed is recovered.

Another challenge the FMF complained about according to an article on their website, is the very long process one has to go through to get a business connected to the electricity grid without which the business will not grow as expected.