Is Zuma Fueling Racial Hatred And Destroying Our Country?


Will South Africa not be doomed if its leaders who are expected to lessen the burdens of its people end up making it worse? Jacob Zuma has in many occasions been labeled with lots of hate words and this leaves people wondering if he is actually making or just marring the country.

A parliamentary spokesperson on land affairs for the Freedom Front Plus (FFP) Dr. Pieter Groenewald, had decried Zuma’s hate comments that have helped to promote racial divisions in the country. According to him, Zuma’s comments which linked the country’s poverty to the whites was inappropriate and could lead to violence

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“President Zuma promotes racial divisions and fuels racial hatred with his comments that land is the cause of poverty, inequality and unemployment and that the land in South Africa was stolen. With these remarks Zuma targets whites in South Africa as if they are the cause of poverty, inequality and unemployment. It is also often said in Parliament that ‘whites had stolen the land’.  Pieter said.

Pieter Groenewald went further to state that Zuma’s decision to make such comments before the traditional rulers send the message home in a rather demeaning way as such comment cannot be easily erased from the people’s minds.

“The fact that Zuma had made this comment in Rustenburg in the presence of traditional leaders makes the situation worse when the consequences of the comments made by the Zulu King regarding foreigners in South Africa, are kept in mind. It is also clear that Zuma is trying to trump the EFF on the land issue which quickly inflames emotions and tempers.

Speaking on the issue about land which Zuma said was part of the cause for the people’s poverty, Pieter said that mere ownership of land does not guarantee the country’s economic growth but that it also required hard work and expertise to cultivate it and to ensure production.

“With regards to land the opposite is actually true. Land requires hard work and expertise to cultivate it and to ensure production. The mere ownership of land will not suddenly eradicate poverty, inequality and unemployment. Zuma and the ANC do not know how to address poverty and unemployment and whites are now being blamed for it in an irresponsible and emotional manner. It is a dangerous recipe which creates racial conflict,” he said.

Pieter, therefore, assured that the Freedom front Plus (FFP) will definitely submit a complaint to the Human Right Commission( HRC)  to investigate Zuma.

We could however recall that in January 2015, Front National, in a joined effort with the social media sites “Save the white people stop the killing” and South Africa Today launched an online petition against president Zuma alleging that he committed crimes against humanity committing crimes against humanity ranging from  Hate Speech, Racism, Denial of Basic Human Rights of minorities and Incitement to Genocide.

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In their petition, the group outlined as evidence, major occasions where the president had made awful comments about the south African minority. They include:

  • That during the 103rd birthday celebrations of the ruling African National Congress, President Zuma while referring to the European descendants in South Africa said: “They fought us wherever they found us.” According to them, the term “THEY” is clearly indicated to exclude or alienate a minority of the population of the country purely based on their skin color.
  • That President Zuma stated that “All the problems in South Africa started in 1652 with the arrival of Jan van Riebeeck.” To worsen the case, that on 10 January, Zuma had his official praise singer conduct a tribal ceremony to “exorcise” the spirit of Van Riebeeck from South Africa in a clear message that white South Africans are no longer welcome.
  • That on the 10th of January at a speech in Cape Town, Zuma went even further to announce that “…land reform on the base of willing seller/willing buyer is not working…” and that “…2015 will be the year of land expropriation…” which according to them, was a clear indication of the president’s plan to forcefully take away people’s homes and land and thereby denying them the basic right to a livelihood
  • That on the above date also, the President ended off by leading the crowd of his followers in a song “Umzini Wam” which goes: “We are going to shoot them, and they are going to run. We are going to shoot them with the machine gun.” (They and Them refer to South Africans of European descent) This is undeniably an example of inciting the majority of South Africa to commit crimes of retaliation and genocide against the minority.

Now if these could be true, it’s then no doubts that the end of racism in the country is far from being achieved. One fact South Africans must always remember is that hating people because of their color is wrong. And it doesn’t matter which color does the hating. It’s just plain wrong.

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