Is Bonang Matheba’s Child A Daughter or A Son?

Bonang Matheba doesn’t have a daughter or a son because she hasn’t given birth to her own child. Even though the actress adores children, she has admitted that she is not yet ready to become a parent.

Many people have occasionally expressed interest in learning when Bonang will give birth to her own child. However, having her own children appears to be the sensational TV personality’s least pressing issue at the moment, based on what is apparent.

Rumors about Her Having a Child Broke Out in 2019

Sometime in mid-2019, the rumor of actress Bonang Mthemba having a daughter became the buzz of the town after she commented “my daughter” on a viral video of a young girl.

The short video, which was posted on May 17, 2019, captured a young girl imitating Bonang on an episode of her reality TV series, Being Bonang. She kept flicking her wig and speaking in Setswana as the actress would do, much to the admiration of viewers. The little girl’s impersonation of Mthemba earned her lots of praise as well as the attention of the actress.

Bonang, who was tagged in the video, eventually reacted to the viral video by commenting that she was screaming ‘my daughter’ while she watched the video because the girl did a nice job imitating her.

Shortly after Mthemba’s post, many people who had no prior of what transpired started spreading the news that the actress is the biological mother of the little girl.

It’s been years, and a lot of people have refused to let go of the Bonang’s daughter rumor. The actress, on her own part, has not come to put the rumor to rest as she still deems it trivia to do.

Though the little girl trended briefly after the incident, no one is aware of her real name and further details about her life and whereabouts.

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Bonang Matheba has no Daughter or Son Yet

Bonang Matheba is currently not in a marital relationship with a man. She did not conceive a child for any of her previous boyfriends and has not given birth to her own kids.

For the record, the Mahikeng-born superstar dated the late South African rapper AKA (from late 2015 to 2017), the sensational record producer and disc jockey Euphonik, as well as the local hip-hop artist Slikour who reportedly dumped her via a Facebook message.

While having her own kids seems to be the least of her pressing issues right now, a lot of people are, however, interested in knowing when she will get pregnant and have kids.

In December 2021, the actress had to clap back at a troll who inquired when she would get pregnant and give birth to her kids. This was after she posted a congratulatory message to K Naomi, who welcomed her baby then.

In response, Mthemba asked the troll to stay off her “womb” and other women who are not pregnant. Despite not being a mother yet, the actress doesn’t hide her love for kids.

For the Actress, Motherhood is Beyond Bringing Kids into the World

Award-winning South African actress, radio host, television presenter, and social media star Bonang Mthemba provides a direct perspective on motherhood that is both understandable and relatable.

She claims that one of the reasons she isn’t eager to have children is because having them entails a great deal of responsibility and demands selflessness, among other qualities.

Due to her demanding work schedule and how it would affect her parenting style, she acknowledged that having children and raising them would not be ideal. The actress just wants to focus fully on her career.

Regardless, she has been vocal about her plans to have babies one day in the future.

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