Who Is Nonhle Ndala, Andile Jali’s Ex-Wife?

Nonhle Ndala is a famous South African TV personality, and professional fitness trainer married to South African footballer Andile Jali. Before her marriage to Andile, she used to be married to Themba Msiza, with whom she shares a daughter. The TV personality, who was born on the 23rd of May 1983, has faced a lot of ups and downs. Despite being famous for her career, she has also made headlines for being married to Andile and has gained more popularity for the latter reason – unfortunately, not on a savory note.

Despite all the challenges she has faced in her relationship life, she has managed to overcome them. Her relationship and marital issues with Andile Jali have made her a topic to discuss, and many fans want to know the state of things between herself and Andile.

Profile Summary Of Nonhle Ndala

  • Name: Nonhle Ndala
  • Date of birth: May 23, 1983
  • Age: 40 years old
  • Occupation: Fitness trainer and TV personality
  • Best known for: Being a presenter and Andile Jali’s wife
  • Relationship status: Married but separated
  • Spouse: Andile Jali
  • Number of children: 4

Nonhle Ndala Is A TV Personality But Also Famous For Being Andile Jali’s Wife

Nonhle Ndala is a fitness trainer, TV host, and the owner of an event management company called Ezinhle Management Company. On social media, Nonhle is known to always share videos of her fitness training and workout sessions, little wonder why she still has a beautiful body despite being a mother of four children.

There are reports that it was from her passion for fitness that she got into TV presenting. Following Klebo Mabalane’s exit from Kabelo’s Bootcamp, the producers were seeking someone to replace her and visited Ndala’s social media page, after which they sent her a Facebook message expressing their interest in her becoming the host, but she didn’t take it seriously. And so, she got a call, and that was how she became a Host for the boot camp. Since then, she has hosted the Mzansi magic show ‘Diski Diva.’

According to reports, she used to be married to Themba Msiza in her 20s, but their marriage ended in divorce after she claimed to have been belittled in the union. Rather than spending time indoor and sobbing over a failed marriage, she directed the energy towards building herself and her career. Despite all her career endeavors, she is still popularly known to be the wife of Andile Jali. Well, he is a famous Mamelodi Sundowns footballer, so what can we say.

The Estranged Couple Got Married In 2015

Nonhle Ndala

We do not have information on how exactly Nonhle and Andile met and whether it was love at first sight or not, but what we know is that the lovebirds started dating in 2013. Just like their marriage now, their relationship was also plagued with issues. It was so bad that they broke up for some time due to cheating allegations on the part of Andile. However, they got back together.

After two years of being on and off in the relationship, Andile Jali was convinced he wanted Nonhle Ndala to be his wife, so he popped the big question. Unfortunately, she was yet to get over her previously failed marriage. Finally, she snapped out of it and said yes. Their Xhosa wedding followed. Nonhle was welcomed by Andile’s family, and his mother paraded bet round the city. She even refers to her as her mother-in-law.

Surprisingly, Nonhle is seven years older than Andile, but they seemed to have come to an understanding that age was just a number, at least, until Andile started feeling disrespected.

Although The Couple Are Separated, They Are Not Divorced

No, Nonhle Ndala and Andile Jali are not divorced, but they are currently separated. Similar issues that plague their early relationship have also affected their marriage. Since 2018, their marriage has been making headlines for the wrong reasons. First, Andile was charged with domestic violence and damaging his wife’s car after security agents in their neighborhood informed the police about what was happening in their home. However, the matter was resolved, and peace began to reign again.

Two years after, Nonhle shared rather surprising videos on social media. First, it was a video where she revealed that her husband was an unrepentant cheat who had so many children out of wedlock. She added that his side chic always took money from him, so she was seizing his credit card. In another video, she revealed that their marriage was only valid within South Africa, and the money he had was barely enough to take care of herself and her children. She went on to say she was ready to meet another man.

The information she leaked out did not go down well with South Africans who slammed her for it. In response, she shared an apology video. However, her apologies didn’t stop their marriage from getting any worse. According to a mole who preferred to stay anonymous, Andile was cheating on his wife because she no longer had an iota of respect for him. Nonhle has even made claims of ‘picking Andile from the gutter.’

Nonhle Ndala And Andile Jali Share Three Children

Before their marriage in 2015, both Nonhle and Jali had children of their own. Nonhle had a daughter with her ex-husband, while Jali had three baby mamas. However, immediately after marriage, they were both ready to have children with each other. In September 2015, they welcomed their first child, a girl called Amahle Jali. In 2017, they welcomed a set of twins to their home. The boy is called Andile junior, while the girl is Amarè Jali.

Nonhle refers to her first child with her ex-husband ‘Aurelie’ as her first definition of love, while she calls her twins ‘two miracles.’ She is a happy mother who does not look like she has given birth to four children. These lovebirds served as couple goals for some years. Social media pictures showed that they were happy together until calamity struck in 2018.

Where is Nonhle Ndala Now?

After the entire drama between Nonhle and Andile, she decided to stay away from the public domain for a while. Nothing has been heard of her. Meanwhile, her husband, who didn’t say much about their separation, has moved on with his football career. While denying some of the cheating allegations, she leveled against him.

We can’t say for sure if they will settle their differences and become a happy couple again or if divorce will be their final resort. Will she direct the emotions her marriage with Andile has caused her to improve more on her business and career, or will be let it weigh her down? Only time can give accurate answers to these questions.


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