Inside DJ Euphonik’s Family Life With Wives Aurelia Nxumalo and Kholeka Qiniso

DJ Euphonik is one of the richest and most popular South African DJs and he is also a music producer and radio presenter. He has a big heart and is particularly interested in helping upcoming DJs come into the limelight. Through him, a good number of South African artists like Killer Kau have had their breakthroughs in the entertainment industry.

His benevolence is not only seen in his association with upcoming artists but also in his ability to love and cater to a polygamous family. He is a private person and not much is known about his life outside entertainment, but somehow, the information about his two lovely wives has found its way out to the media. Polygamous men like DJ Euphonik and Musa Mseleku are usually of interest to the public as everyone wants to know how they manage to live at peace with more than one woman. If you want to get the inside gist about Euphonik’s family life with his two wives, keep reading.

DJ Euphonik’s Life As A Polygamous Man

A while ago in Africa, having more than one wife was a huge achievement for any man but in recent times and with the advent of civilization, men no longer fancy getting married to more than one wife, and most women do not want to share their husband with any other person. Aside from the lack of peace and understanding associated with polygamy, the financial requirements to manage more than one woman are not easy to attain. Despite all of these challenges, DJ Euphonik, whose real name is Themba Nxumalo is still married to two women.

With two women in his life, DJ Euphonik still managed to keep his relationship status really private. Despite the fact that they are on social media, no one knew he was married to one woman, talk more of two. In 2020, he finally decided to give out a little information on his marital life. When asked on the TV show, WTF Tumi, if someone has occupied his heart, he said yes, and went ahead to introduce Aurelia Nxumalo to everyone but added that he prefers to keep his private life away from the public domain.

He has never been associated with any sort of family issues, which means that he has been able to keep his home peaceful over the years.

With A Net Worth Of R34 Million, DJ Euphonik Has Been Able to Keep His Family Comfortable

With an estimated net worth of R34 million, DJ Euphonik is one of the richest South African musicians. His music career that spans almost two decades has been really successful and he has also collaborated with a lot of international artists.

Aside from streaming platforms, concerts, and royalties, DJ Euphonik also has real estate investments and owns up to 14 properties in South Africa. The disc jockey is also an entrepreneur. He collaborated with Superga, an Italian shoe company to produce his own line of black and gold Euphonik sneakers.

With all these streams of income and huge net worth, you can see why both of his wives all look well taken care of. With two wives, you may expect that he has so many children, but DJ Euphonik has just five children and because he keeps his family life away from the public domain, their names are not known.

Meet DJ Euphonik’s First Wife – Kholeka Qiniso Nxumalo

Kholeka Qiniso Nxumalo is the mother of three of his children and refers to herself as a mother of five, which may include her children and the children of the second wife. Her first child with the millionaire DJ was born in 2013, one year after he paid her lobola, making her a traditionally married wife.

Kholeka Qiniso Nxumalo deserves a lot of accolades for allowing her husband to bring in a second wife. Most women in her shoes would rather get divorced than sharing their man with another lady and from the obvious, Kholeka Qiniso Nxumalo has accepted her husband’s other wife as a sister.

Unlike the second wife, Kholeka Qiniso Nxumalo does not have an Instagram presence, and what she does for a living is not known. Whether or not she is working, her husband is obviously financially buoyant enough to take care of her and their children.

The Millionaire DJ’s Second Wife Is A Legal Practitioner

DJ Euphonik’s second wife, Aurelia Nxumalo, is more sociable and popular than his first wife. She is a legal practitioner, digital entrepreneur, and brand ambassador to BrandSA PYP. She is a young and beautiful woman and scrolling through her Instagram account, you can obviously tell that DJ Euphonik has good eyes for picking his wives.

The beautiful lawyer is a mother of two but still looks very young and attractive. She must have had really good reasons for getting married to DJ Euphonik, considering the fact that he already had a wife. Aurelia Nxumalo has also settled in well with the first wife, Kholeka, and according to media reports, both ladies were spotted partying and having fun together like friends. The fact that both wives are at peace with each other contributes to the reason why DJ Euphonik has been able to manage a peaceful home for years.

DJ Euphonik Has Been Accused Of Rape

The husband of two and father of five was accused of rape in January 2021. A woman named Mangutyana came out on Twitter to accuse DJ Euphonik and his long-time friend, DJ Fresh of raping her in 2011. According to the alleged victim, she was in her second year in university when she was invited to a party by a friend, where the accused and his friend drugged and raped her.

In her now-deleted tweet, she added that she was so unconscious of what was happening that she can’t tell whether or not she was raped by both men or just one of them. But the next morning when they all woke up, DJ Euphonik laughed about it and said she and three other girls were so drunk and kept blanking out.

“@DJFreshSA and @euphonik will you ever acknowledge drugging me and further raping me? I was completed drugged I don’t (know) whether you BOTH raped me or 1 of you did and you later laughed about it the next morning saying we (me and 3 girls) were so drunk we kept blacking out but nasidlwengula [you raped us].”

She also claims that she has had to live for the past 10 years with antidepressants as a result of the incident. Her revelation caused a rampage on social media, with a lot of people speaking out for her. The accusation also cost DJ Euphonik and DJ Fresh their gig with Primedia Broadcasting as they were taken off their presenting duties when the news broke.

Social Media Users Did Not Leave His Wives Out Of The Scandal

In light of the rape scandal, DJ Euphonik’s wives remained silent and never came out to support or oppose. The case was opened at the Gauteng police station and subsequently charged to court. After court hearings, the rape allegation against the duo was dismissed by the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) for want of sufficient evidence to carry on with the prosecution.

Social media users did not just use their accounts as a platform to speak in support of the alleged rape victim, they also called out Kholeka Qiniso and Aurelia Nxumalo for still remaining with him. However, despite all the mean tweets, neither of the ladies responded.

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