DA Wooes Government To Increase Social Grants


Based on a “special oversight” conducted by DA Leader in the National Council of Provinces (NCOP), Elza Van Lingen MP, and Bridget Masango, the Shadow Minister of Social Development, the opposition party says government must increase social grants to avoid humanitarian crisis.

In the said “special oversight”, the shadow minister related that many of their respondents where worried about rising food prices and how their ability to afford food is consistently shrunk.

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Also, they found old age pensioners who struggle to sustain themselves and care for their relatives and dependents in the oversight. “This situation is not helped by the disturbing prevalence of unlawful deductions from already paltry social grants,” notes Masango.

As such, the DA calls for an additional increase in social grants to assist those who need it most. The party says it will put forward proposals for budget amendments that focus on cutting wasteful and fruitless expenditure. And, ensure that more money is made available for those who need it the most, such as those receiving social grants and the unemployed youth.

“We cannot allow the most vulnerable in our society to continue to suffer as a result of an uncaring government that has failed to grow the economy, create jobs, and priorities the needs of the poor,” states DA.

The party argues that the prices of staples such as maize and potatoes have increased more than the increases in grant amounts and that the worst effect of the drought is yet to come. “Government’s immediate action is a necessity if we are to avert the humanitarian disaster which looms as the worst drought in a century persists,” DA charges.

To them, “it is clear…the ANC government cares more about living in luxurious oblivion, while the masses stave off starvation daily only to be used as voting pawns at elections to keep President Zuma and his cronies in power.

The most vulnerable in our society are falling prey to government’s negligence as the Minister of Social Development, Bathabile Dlamini, distracts herself by defending President Zuma’s hopelessly tattered reputation,” DA wails.

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