In Every Zille There’s A Zuma: See Goose Bumps Pictures


In many occasions, South Africans have expressed dismay that all the political parties in South Africa have contribute in a way or the other to the miseries of South Africa. To some (if not many) of us, these parties are part of our problems and are never seen as possible solution to the said miseries. But then, none of us who are dissatisfied with these political parties will create a better illustration of our views of these parties as “the same” than Xcollektiv.

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Xcollektiv, a Facebook page in one of its publication titled “THE DANC PARTY” made a point in opining that South Africa is forever doomed when it painted a clearer picture of the quite popular opinion that all South African politicians are not different from each other. While it is apparent that DANC connotes a combination of the two most popular political parties in South Africa, Xcollektiv presented the picture below to consolidate both party as major contributors to South Africa’s retrogression.


While the picture above says to South Africans, “your votes do not matter, it will not change anything”, Xcollektiv took a step further to show South Africans why their votes are irrelevant to the much-needed positive change in South Africa. In a nutshell, they presented pictures that said “In every Helen Zille, there’s a Zuma so don’t expect any positive changes”.

Jacob Zuma Ziile

As though Xcollektiv fears South Africans will not get the meaning in their message, they went ahead to publish more scary pictures to pass across their message.

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Lindiwe Cyril

Still unsatisfied, Xcollektiv simplified what they are saying with the picture below.

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However, in order not to leave South Africans depressed and hopeless, Xcollektiv highlighted that the DANC party will accomplish the under-listed:

  • “Create an inclusive economy that includes us (DANC members) and excludes you;
  • Transform our rural areas into regions of wide-scale environmental degradation;
  • Ensure decent living conditions for the wealthy and preserve existing and generate new, unsustainable inhuman settlements;
  • Improve and expand education and training to ensure a docile and unquestioning populace;
  • Ensure quality healthcare for all who can afford it and limit access to those who are not economically viable;
  • Ensure sufficient live ammunition for police to effectively terminate service delivery protests and unarmed protesters;
  • Expand comprehensive social insecurity;
  • Fight corruption and crime in gated communities;
  • And build a divided nation and promote tribal cohesion.”

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