Illegal Immigrants Busted in Overloaded Taxi


Reports have it that traffic police in Limpopo nabbed a Zimbabwean national on the N1 near Mokopane for overloading his taxi only to discover that he was transporting individuals illegally living in South Africa.

According to the reports, the taxi driver from Zimbabwe crammed his 15-seater vehicle with 31 passengers.

Confirming this, Limpopo transport department related that its officials were shocked when thay stopped tha 15-seater vehicle.

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Spokesperson of the department, Joshua Kwapa was quoted to have said:

“We were shocked it was overloaded. This is unacceptable, we cannot have people using our roads without obeying the rules of the roads.”

Kwapa also related that the taxi driver was arrested and handed over to the police for further investigations.

The investigations revealed that 14 of the passengers are illegal immigrants with no legal documents to be in South Africa.

“Home Affairs has been called in to detain those undocumented migrants who were travelling from Zimbabwe to Gauteng.

“We are taking this matter very seriously from the fact that this kombi was overloaded.

“We cannot condone this behaviour. We will ensure that we get a positive conviction on this matter because we have been talking about foreign nationals coming into this country and disobeying the rules of the road,” Kwapa added.

Not long past, the African Diaspora Forum (ADF) asserted that the high influx of foreign nationals into South Africa should be blamed on the inability of the South African government to control its borders.

ADF made the assertion during a march against the City of Johannesburg’s Mayor after he ordered all foreigners living in Johannesburg to leave the city.

Then, Mayor Mashaba remarked that  illegal immigrants got into Johannesburg criminally, and as such, must be treated as criminals.

The Mayor was quoted to have said: “…When I call these criminals, criminals; I want them to understand that they are criminals. They are holding our country to ransom and I am going to be the last South African to allow it.”

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ADF however, argued that migrants do contribute positively to the economic growth of Johannesburg. Thus, they indicated that it’s uncool for a Mayor to make such utterances.