#IfZumaWasATeacher: South Africans Having A Good Time Shredding Mr President


Twitter is abuzz with the #IfZumaWasATeacher hashtag and it’s everything you wouldn’t want to miss.

From the Nkandla scandal to Daddy Zuma’s reshuffling of the Cabinet, the corruption claims against the president, his inability to count and everything you think is uncool about the President of SA; South Africans are having a good time throwing shades at Zuma.

Before rushing to twitter to take part in the ridiculing of the first citizen of our country, here are some of the #IfZumaWasATeacher tweets:

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It’s now a common opinion that President Zuma isn’t an ideal leader for South Africa. Recently, SA religious leaders demanded of the President to step down as the leader of the country.

The religious leaders asserted that they can no longer stand on the sidelines and watch Mr Zuma destroy South Africa. Thus, they urged the President to abandon his office as SA president. In a joint statement, the religious leaders said:

“For the past eighteen months, the President has continuously taken South Africa into a downward spiral and the cumulative effect of these and current events is that President Jacob Zuma has lost all moral legitimacy to govern and therefore should do the honourable thing and step down.

The ANC and Parliament have now no reason to delay holding the President accountable and do everything in their power to remove him from office.”

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Meanwhile, there are those who think Zuma is a father figure and a struggle icon.

For instance, the ANC Youth League once said it will unconditionally protect Mr Zuma from the outrage against his leadership, and wouldn’t think twice about attacking anybody who’s against him.

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