The Fighters Want IEC To Stop Demanding Money From Contestants


Juju’s party said all South Africans must be afforded the Constitutional right to make free political choices in a free and fair environment.

With that, the party called on IEC to stop demanding money from political parties and individuals who want to contest elections.

“IEC should utilize a different criteria to determine the seriousness of a political parties and candidates that wish to contest elections, other than money, because accessibility of money in South Africa has class, racial and even gender connotations,” stated EFF.

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As such, the party demanded of the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) and the Electoral Court to allow the National Freedom Party contest the 2016 Local Government Elections.

The Fighters said money or fees payments should never be a basis upon which a political party is allowed to contest elections. Especially if the party has “tested mass support in areas where it exists.”

The party said: “…EFF takes this principled position because in 2014, the EFF challenged the IEC in Court over the Constitutionality of demanding money from political parties and individuals who want to contest elections.

The NFP is currently a majority party in some municipalities in KwaZulu Natal and a section of the electorate has demonstrated in 2014 General Elections that they have confidence in the NFP.”

Based on that, the Fighters argued that “disallowing the NFP an opportunity to contest the 2016 Local government elections will not just be penalizing the leadership of the NFP but will be violating voters’ constitutional right to vote for a political party of their own choice.

The IEC and Electoral Court should therefore not magnify an administrative fault into a decision that will prevent the whole political party, its candidates and voters from participating in a democratic process,” EFF cautioned.

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The party said it will write to the IEC and Electoral Court to request that the NFP should be allowed to contest the 2016 Local Government Elections.

They’ll be doing that because NFP has demonstrated their seriousness as a political party and have tested support on the ground.

Malema’s party added that they will continue to lead campaigns that will stop the of money as a pre-requisite to contest elections after the elections.