7 Most Outstanding Winners Of Idols South Africa

The idol show is a series of reality TV singing competition that was first created by an executive in the British television industry known as Simon fuller. The main aim of the competition is to find the best and most outstanding solo singer. The series starts with many auditions through which a group of the best singers are selected by a panel of judges. The semi-finalists are selected by the audience through a number of audience votings until the best singer is selected. Many idol competitions have been taking place in South Africa where many South Africans have won. In this article, we are going to highlight and present to you, 7 exceptionally good Idols South Africa Winners

Some of the Top Idols South Africa winners Include:

1. Heinz Winckler

He was born in the year 1978 and was the first winner of the South African first series of idols. He studied law at the Stellenbosch University, but after he won the competition, he stopped studying and dedicated himself to full-time music. After the competition he recorded albums that include as “One step closer”, “one in a lifetime” and “next stop to happiness” these albums were great hits

Heinz Winckler - idols south africa

2. Anke Pietrangeli

Anke, also known by her nickname Kimberly Diamond was the second idol South Africa winner after Heinz Winckler. She was persuaded to enter the competition by her brother who was strongly convinced that his sister would become a star. She was born in November the year 1982.

Anke Pietrange - idols sa winners

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3. Karin Kortje

She was the winner of the third season of the idols competition in South Africa. Karin was able to get 65% of the votes on the final stage. This expected because during the entire season she maintained a top lead by getting most of the votes.

Karin Kortje

4. Jody Williams

She is currently the youngest person to win the title below the age of 25. She was born in 1990. Jody won the fourth series of the idol competition in South Africa. She is a South African R&B and pop musician. Her music has been able to top the chart in South Africa and they include albums such as “Just Gonna Be Me”, “Kiss of Life”, “Wind it” and even the “Love Like This before”. She categorically cited her inspiration to be coming from great singers like Mariah Carrey, Whitney Huston, and Celine Dion. She was born and grew up in Cape Town South Africa.

Jody Williams

5. Jason Hartman

The fifth season of the idols competition was marred with a lot of controversies so much so that the outstanding winner; Jason had to share the title with the Runner up Sasha Lee Davids. This is because the text lines developed a technical problem. His career in music started in his early years when he was still schooling. He started playing for the triad band, then moved to Samson Show Band. With this band he was able to visit most parts of South Africa including Botswana and Zimbabwe. After winning the title Jason released a single titled “Break the Silence”, which was a great hit.

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Jason Hartman

6. Elvis Blue

Born on 28th December 1979 in Johannesburg is South Africa’s Elvis who won the 6th series of the idols competition and was announced the winner on the 2nd of November 2010. Elvis started creating music when he was only 16. He bought a guitar and started singing on the street which was a good way to make some money. His first CD was recorded in the year 2001 and since that time he has been able to sing with other renowned singers in South Africa like Karen Zoid, Just Ginger and Heinz Winkler.

Elvis Blue

7. Khaya Mthethwa

Born on the 25th of November 1987 in the city of Durban. PK which is his nickname, was the first black South African to ever win the title. He is a musician, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist Composer and arranger. He is also an active member of one of the famous gospel music group not only in South Africa but in the whole continent known as the Joyous celebration. Throughout his schooling years, he wanted to pursue a career in music, but his parents never allowed him to, he then went on to study project management. Currently, he is a host at one Gospel TV show aired on Gospel alive TV.

Khaya Mthethwa

These are some of the Most Outstanding Idols South Africa Winners. They have made so much impact on the music industry and can still be regarded as relevant icons in SA music industry.

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