‘I May Lose My Boys To Indoctrination’ Namibian Mother Cries


A mother in Windhoek, the largest city and capital of the Republic of Namibia has sent a distress call to the police to come to her rescue and help save her children from a church she claims is brainwashing them. The Namibian woman fears losing her boys to indoctrination.

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According to the Namibian woman Velonika Kautotwa who resides in Walvis Bay, two of her teenage boys had been indoctrinated by a church to such a great extent that they had resorted to changing their names in accordance with the directions from the church.

Kautotwa lamented that the indoctrination was so strong that the two boys, aged 15 and 17 not only changed their family-given name but also sold their shoes, clothes and mobile devices in order to raise money to give to the church for no good reason. The older boy had long decided to become a pastor in the church.

As part of the indoctrination process, their mother also said that the boys were baptised in the church last year without bothering to seek her consent.

Kautotwa reported that the boys spent more time in the church thereby neglecting their education and school work. Her children’s performance in school had suffered immensely as a result of the alleged indoctrination which involves brainwashing and can causing someone to focus every attention on the church or religious group while neglecting their personal life.

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When Kautotwa brought her report to the church, the church officials did very little to calm Kautotwa’s worries, saying they should settle the issue among themselves at home as a family because “the church does not interfere with God’s work”.

Meanwhile, police confirmed that the matter had been reported to them.

In most cases, church members come to accept the policies, practices, and teachings in their church as they drift into bondage from the brainwashing techniques used by church officials. This indoctrination process is so effective that the member will never admit that he has been brainwashed.

Brainwashed people never know it themselves and humans are easy targets of indoctrination.