How Worse Could This Be! Buses Now Serve As Class Rooms For School Pupils


How worse could our education system get? Shocking report reaching us today says that grade 7 pupils of Kwanele Primary school in Katlehong, Ekurhuleni were found receiving their mathematics classes in a bus.

While some of the pupils were found seated on the bus chairs with their books rested on their laps, others were standing on their toes at the back of the class in order to have a better view of what the teacher was teaching.

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Not that alone, some of the students from grade 3 were also seen sitting on buckets and their books placed on their laps because of lack of chairs and tables.

This has been the case with Kwanele Primary school who are faced with a dire shortage of facilities to accommodate the 1 600 pupils from Grade R to Grade 7 and its 40 teachers. This they explained to DA’s Gauteng education spokesman, Khume Ramulifho when he surprisingly visited the school premises.

According to Phindile Skhosana who is a member of the School’s Governing Body (SGB), the school is overcrowded and they are faced with shortage of facilities. The principal and teachers are forced to share a small room and use it as an office, while some bathrooms are used as a storeroom.

“In one of the classes there are 74 learners. This is not the way for our children to learn,” she said. Adding that the school resorted to using the school buses because it was a desperate measure they were forced to implement.

“There is no other space for all the pupils. The department needs to build more classrooms and hire more teachers.”

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Some member of DA supporters in the party’s outfit gathered outside the school premises carrying placards which had “#BusClassroomsMustFall, we deserve better infrastructure” written on it to express their outrage at the poor educational infrastructure.


Though the pupils and teacher of the grade 7 class seemed not deterred by the learning condition they find themselves, Ramulifho said the Gauteng Department of Education need to explain to them the reason for such learning conditions.

“These conditions are not conducive to learning or teaching. This doesn’t spark the interest of the learners because they can’t concentrate in such conditions,” he said blaming the Education MEC Panyaza Lesufi for paying more attention to providing “paperless” classrooms to some learners, while others didn’t have the basics

“His priorities are skewed, he boasts about introducing technology into schools, but not all classrooms have the basics,” Ramulifho added.

The Department of Basic Education’s norms and standards on school infrastructure states that the average space for a pupil in school must be at least 1.2 square metres, with a maximum of 40 pupils in a classroom.

Meanwhile, department spokesman Oupa Bodibe said district officials have already been sent to Kwanele to assess the situation explaining that the department is challenged with an increased demand for space in most schools, “we are doing everything possible to address the situation,”he said

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