How To Take The Perfect Selfie: 10 Tips You Didn’t Know You Needed


In today’s world of Instagram, Snapchat,, Tinder and all the others, taking the perfect selfie is of the utmost importance. While the idea of ‘perfect’ may vary from one person to the next, no one can deny a good picture when they see it.

You don’t need a background in photography to take amazing pictures from day to day, you just need good lighting, right angles and few tricks up your sleeve. With that in mind, here are a few tips on how to take the perfect selfie.

Find Your Angle

When taking a selfie, it’s important to know which angle flatters you the best. Try out different angles and see which looks great. When people don’t find their most flattering angle, they tend to have lackluster selfies.

Tip: For good selfies, higher angles are always better. Be sure not to take a selfie with the camera too far from your face though.

angle selfie

Good Lighting

Natural lighting is always your best option when it comes to selfies – a photo outdoors or near a window will always look good (if taken at the right angle). Poor lightning, however, can be very unflattering and can highlight negative features you don’t want on display. The best photos, in general, always have good lighting.

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Refrain From Using Flash

Of course using a flash is a good idea – when you’re taking photos of your food or your pet. There are many instances when using a flash is your best option, however, taking a selfie is not included in those instances. Using a flash when taking a selfie will lead to unflattering lighting and will ruin an otherwise good selfie. Choose wisely.

Use A Filter

Filters are there for a reason, to make your photos better. Depending on your mood and tone of selfie, there is always a filter to elevate it. There’s nothing wrong with a completely natural selfie but there’s no denying that filters add a bit of ‘magic’.

selfie filters

Use Props

If you’re someone who takes a lot of selfies and have maxed out all of your angles and favorite selfie spots, then try something new: add a prop. Props change things up and prevent the photo from being a boring repeat of some of your older photos.

Watch Your Background

When taking your selfie, be sure that there’s nothing unappealing in the background that might ruin your photo. You’d be surprised at the amount of people who care more about the photo and not at all about the background and this has led to many cringe-worthy photos. Always check your background for the best results.

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Use The Front Camera

This goes without saying, despite the fact that many people still argue about which camera is better: front or back. The back camera of the phone usually has the better quality, however, all that is for naught if you can’t see the photo you’re taking. You have to make sure that the photo you’re taking is perfect, which the front camera allows because you can see everything on the screen before you take the selfie.

Edit Your Photos

Don’t be shy about editing your photos. If you want the perfect selfie, you should be willing to go the extra mile. Photo editing apps help adjust the sharpness, contrast and brightness of the photo till it’s perfect for you.

Selfie editor

Crop It

Cop out anything that doesn’t fit in with your selfie. Anything in the background that might be too distracting or pull attention from you absolutely needs to go. Cropping isn’t necessary for every photo but it also gives some photos the best composition…it’s up to you to decide when it’s necessary.

Don’t Follow The Rules

Rules are meant to be broken. There are rules on this list that might work for most people but might not work for you; so don’t be afraid to go out there, take a million selfies until you find what works for you. Don’t be too serious about it either, selfies are supposed to be fun and not too much work so don’t overthink it. Just go out there and take your perfect selfie.