How Best To Do Away With Poverty And Become A Successful Woman


It is no longer enough to be a housewife. Gone are the days when women comfortably sit at home and let the men go out and hustle and bring back the fruits of their labor for the family to enjoy. This is the 21st century and the feminism is no longer just an idea, it has become a way of life and as such, what a man can do, a woman can do even better. But with Femininity, you will agree with me that it is no longer easy to be a woman. Being a woman has become a full-time job which you will need to juggle along with all the other titles that will accrue to you along with the ones you were born with.

Because your roles and duties as a woman will compete with your need to matter in the society and the need to make ends-meet, there is no room for laziness in a girl’s life. If you want to live a comfortable life and be able to cater to your needs without waiting for a man or your parents to chip in, then you must stretch yourself to the most elastic limit and know that the earlier you make something out of yourself, the better for you. If you want to be successful like all the famous women who have been making impact in SA, then you need to know what to do and how to do it so you will not end up like your poor mother or that old spinster lady who is always looking for the next guy. Here are 10 ways to live a comfortable life and be successful as a lady.

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1. Wake up Early:

The usual saying is ‘early to bed, early to rise’ but if you want to be successful as a woman, you will learn to modify your own saying to ‘late to bed, early to rise’. If you want to be successful, you should have certain things you do that keep you up late so that even after others have gone to bed, you will burn the midnight oil strategizing or reading or working and still wake up long before the cock crows. Now even if you don’t stay up late, there must something that wakes you up early every morning so that it becomes a habit for you not to lie in bed later than 4am. Do away with the habit of stretching and turning in bed until you are too hungry to doze off again. Why get up if there are no bed bugs right? That is the habit that keeps you in poverty and dependent on a man for the rest of your life.

2. Plan How to Spend your Money:

Whenever you get money, the very first thing to do is to map out how it should be spent. Make a list and try to differentiate between wants and needs. Don’t just dash into the market and buy anything your heart desires. If you are in the habit of spending the money first and mapping out how you spent it later, you are definitely going to be constantly broke for the rest of your life. As you make your list, prioritize, map out what you will use every single penny for and stick to that plan like your life depends on it cos it kinda does.

3. Start Saving with That Little You Have:

If you leave saving until you get a huge sum of money at once, then you may never save even when you get the big sum. The idea is to start saving from the little you are getting on a daily basis. Don’t ever think you cannot save because you earn so little, use that little to learn how to be disciplined in your acts of saving.

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4. Engage in any Available Business Opportunity

Whatsoever your hands find to do, do it well don’t let your ego make you relegate some activities to the background and think of them as having very little profit. If you do not have enough capital to start big, don’t be too proud to go into petty trading or a home based business. Don’t go thinking that is for poor and uneducated people. So many of the big business people you see today started from their homes and built it up from there. Some started with even lower amounts than you have. So pick up the courage to do the little you can and watch it grow.

4. Start That Business With The Little Capital You Have

Every big business began from being small. If you have been dreaming of owning a big business, then have the decency work as hard as you have been dreaming. Don’t be one of those people who have their heads up in the cloud and are expecting a miracle to happen and blow them away. Even if you eventually marry that very rich husband who will give you all the capital you want, you will still fail because you were not able to manage the little one, the big one will be even harder.

6. Turn that Stumbling Block To a Stepping Stone

When someone criticizes you, take a pause and critically analyze what the person said. Try and work out the details and see if truly what you did was wrong, then find a way to navigate out of doing such again. But you should be careful around this because some people just know how to put others down and make sure they remain there. The trick is to get a second and a third opinion and establish where you need adjustments.


7. Never Spend More Than you Earn

If you are serious about saving from the little you earn, then you must take this golden rule very serious. Never, ever buy things on credit (especially luxury goods), never ever borrow from friends to buy luxury stuff that you don’t absolutely need and never ever ask your employer for an advance if it is not a life and death issue. One thing is certain, after the first time you buy on credit, it becomes easier and more frequent so that very soon you have debts sticking out of your ear and you end up spending every penny before you have even earned it.

8. Never Compete with Anyone

healthy competition is good because you need it to grow. But competition becomes an issue when you are competing for something utterly useless that has no bearing whatsoever on your growth or development. As a lady, you are distinct and different from every other person out there, so never look at how someone dresses and try to out do them. They might have sources of income that you do not know of. Eventually, you will be drowning in debt and they will still go on wearing more clothes than you can afford. Be distinct and feminine and spend on your clothes wisely.

9. Buy That Car Only When You Can Pay For It without Stress

If everyone out there is using a car and you do not have enough to pay for one, take a deep breath and keep on saving. Dont ever go for a car that you cannot pay for or even one that is more than three times what you earn. Don’t buy it on credit and don’t take a loan to buy it. If you want to incur a debt, be wise about that and do it something you are sure will yield 10 times the amount you borrowed to do it.

10. Learn to say No

This rule is pretty important Men see themselves as stronger in opinion than women and most of the time, women simply stand aside and let them have it their way. But if you want to change things around you, learn how to say no when someone wants to do something you really dot want. If you are single, learn to say no to guys and mean it, learn to say no to those girlfriends and stand by it, learn to say no to your family and steer your own ship. If you are married, learn to say no to your children and refuse to be moved. It is not everything your children want that they should get especially if you cannot afford it. Children are fond of liking what others have but you as the parent are the one who has to dictate what is good and healthy for them, so you get to decide what you actually spend your money on. Let your No be No.

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