Happily Never After: Wife Devastated After Honeymoon Tragedy


In a beautiful ceremony in Thohoyandou a Limpopo couple got married but lost their happy ending in a honeymoon tragedy in Mozambique.

While Livhuwani Malivhoho and his new bride Vhutshilo were on their honeymoon, they decided to take a swim in Zabora Beach.

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However, Malivhoho just disappeared into the large waters. Perhaps he drowned or something dragged him down, nobody knows.

Malivhoho’s cousin, Mulalo Tshikalange who witnessed the wedding said the families have been in shock since the honeymoon tragedy.

According to Tshikalange, after tying the knot on Saturday July 30, the lovebirds jetted off to Mozambique a few days later to enjoy their honeymoon.

“It was one of those memorable events – very big and beautiful,” Tshikalange said.

Sadly, the fairytale turned sour when a panicked phone call came from Vhutshilo informing them that her husband had disappeared.

He explained that the couple were swimming together but Vhutshilo decided to take a break because she was feeling tired.

“She looked away for a few minutes to attend to something. When she looked towards the water her husband was no longer there.

“She tried to call out his name but there was no response; that’s when she asked people for help,” Tshikalange explained.

The devastated lady is now receiving medical treatment in Mozambique, surrounded by relatives.

“She is not coping at all.”

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The family of the missing man were also devastated by the tragic incident as he was the eye of the family. Tshikalange explained that it was very difficult for his parents to put him through school because of poverty.

“This man was the only hope for the family,” he lamented.

In the meantime, the search for the missing husband continues.