Homeless Woman Welcomes Baby Underneath Car Crash In Cape Town


A homeless woman on Friday welcomed her baby into the world, not in the hospital but under a bridge‚ in the midst of crashing sounds of two accidents and under a bad weather in Cape Town.

According to ER24 paramedics, at approximately the same time this morning, these three emergency incidents involving a homeless woman and some vehicles took place independently at the spot where the N2 and M3 meet‚ in Cape Town.

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Throwing more light on the strange turn out of events that took place that morning, ER24 in a blog post stated that their paramedics and Life Healthcare, including some other services, arrived on the N2 inbound to discover that the driver lost control of the vehicle and hit a barrier. The incident which occurred during a wet weather left the 51-year-old driver with moderate injuries.

Within the same area and same time, another incident involved two vehicles but this time no injury was sustained.

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“It is understood that a car come from the M3 direction Cape Town to take the loop onto N2 outbound and collided with another vehicle. Fortunately there were no injuries on scene.”

And to crown it all, a miracle follows

“At the same time‚ underneath the bridge that goes over the N2 inbound‚ there was a lady‚ believed to be homeless‚ who had given birth to a baby.”

Both mother and child are now safe in the care of a city hospital without any looming danger.

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ER24 said:

“The baby is believed to be doing fine. Fire and Rescue was on scene to assist and the baby and mother were transported to hospital by Metro.”