Mashaba Keeps His Word About Dealing With Illegal Immigrants


Mayor Herman Mashaba has kept to his promise to deal with all those who gained entrance into the city of Johannesburg illegally.

On Wednesday, the mayor confirmed that his administration has filed a case of fraud with the South African Police Services (SAPS) against employees working at the Joburg Theatre without proper documents.

Mashaba, in a statement, said he received a report of an alleged fraudulent activity and misconduct perpetrated by eight current employees at Joburg Theatre

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This report followed an investigation into the authenticity of asylum permits and special work permits held by various foreign nationals employed in the catering and hospitality sections of the theatre.

Nexus Forensic Services conducted the investigation uncovering evidence that six asylum permits held by implicated employees were fraudulent while two other permits had expired in early June 2016.

“I have written to the Minister of Home Affairs‚ Malusi Gigaba‚ notifying him of the report’s contents and requesting his department take steps to detect and prevent criminal activity associated with illegally acquired immigration documents. This is not only a problem which affects this City‚” Herman Mashaba said, adding that the all those implicated in the report will equally face disciplinary action by the City.

Mayor Mashaba has been severely criticized for his decision to evacuate all foreign nationals who are in Johannesburg illegally. He claimed that foreign nationals who are in Johannesburg without documentation are linked to criminal activity in the city.

He reminded that they must respect the law, otherwise “we’re going to have a challenge”.

“I stand by what I said that people who are in our city illegally – whether you are South African or you’re someone from outside – please, when you’re in our city, please respect our laws because if not, then we’re going to have a challenge,” he said in December, reiterating that illegal immigrants who got to the city should be treated as criminals.

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“Departing from the practice of the past administration‚ all employees of the City of Johannesburg are required to be fit for purpose‚ abide by the country’s laws and conduct their work in good faith and with utmost honesty and integrity.

“This recent report affirms my conviction in the value behind conducting a skills audit for employees within the City…in addition‚ this matter has highlighted the need to strengthen our recruitment processes in the City with stronger security vetting‚” Herman Mashaba said.