Must Read: Minister Gordhan Tells It All In His Appreciation Letter To South Africans


SARS-scuffle biggest winner and South Africa’s endearing Finance minister has poured soul-stirring praises on South Africans for showing him love and allying themselves with him while his war with the Hawks and NPA lasted.

Gordhan’s battle with the NPA and Hawks abruptly came to an end on Monday when NPA Boss Shaun Abrahams announced his decision to acquit the minister.

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Prior to the focal announcement, support for the minister, who has been a vocal opponent of corruption and excessive spending by  Zuma’s government, grew with each passing minute.

Apart from opposition groups who perceived his prosecution as a political witch-hunt, heavyweights from the ruling party, including ANC chief whip, its secretary-general and others also threw their weight behind the minister.

Of a truth, even the blind could attest that the future of the South African economy jacked back to life immediately he was acquitted by the NPA.

Gordhan’s appreciation letter reads:

“On behalf of my family and myself‚ I wish to thank fellow South Africans from all walks of life and organizations who have provided us with active support and continue to do so. We are humbled.

Like many‚ I am a son of the congress movement‚ the African National Congress and the congress alliance. I was taught the values of democracy and social justice in the Freedom Charter.

The Preamble of our Constitution calls on all of us to:

• Heal the divisions of the past and establish a society based on democratic values; social justice and fundamental human rights‚ and

• Lay the foundations for a democratic and open society in which government is based on the will of the people and every citizen is equally protected by law.

We have made tremendous progress in all aspects as a young democracy. But we have much more to do – in unity.

Hope‚ resilience and active involvement will enable us to overcome poverty‚ unemployment and inequality – and any form of injustice and unfairness. Ours is the formidable task of inclusively transforming our economy – providing jobs and skills for our youth‚ opportunities for entrepreneurs and a decent and dignified life for all South Africans.

President Nelson Mandela reminds us; “I dare not linger‚ for my long walk is not yet ended.”

Once again‚ our most sincere and deepest appreciation for your active support. Ke a leboga. Ke a leboha. Ngiyabonga. Enkosi. Ngiyathokoza. Dankie.”

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Now that the battle is over, many believe the coast is clear for Gordhan to lead the country through the wilderness of economic degradation.

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