Hell Is Empty, All The Devils Are In Zimbabwe To Starve The Masses


From handing back lands to White farmers, to demanding for a 25% of Zimbabwean youths salaries, the government of the Southern African country is exploring every possible means to spare the nation the devastation at its doorstep. And based on an aljazeera report, Zimbabwe is “seeking $1.5bn to help save more than a quarter of the population from starving to death.”

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As related, the nation has made an earnest request for aid to local businesses and charity organization, asking for more than $1.5 billion aid to save a large number of its populace from starvation.

Speaking at a news conference in the state capital, Harare, Zimbabwe’s vice president Emmerson Mnangagwa disclosed that more than three million people are in dire need of food and even water.

“The government of Zimbabwe requires a total of [$1.57bn] with effect from February to December 2016,” Mnangagwa pleaded explaining that most of the fund the government is asking for will be used to import food and as well be used to mend irrigation routes across the country to boost food production.

About 1.5 million metric tonnes of staple maize will be needed to feed people from February to December the vice president buttressed stressing that “there is a threat to human and animal life as safe water, irrigation water and drinking water sources for animals are increasingly drying up.”

Already the nation’s honorable President Robert Mugabe has declared a “state of disaster”. BuzzSouthAfrica gathered that relief workers in Zimbabwe are anticipating the situation to worsen.

A relief worker, Hardlife Takada – an emergency response manager at the Plan International development organisation reportedly commented thus;

From our expectations we were expecting rains to fall from September to October but that did not happen. That means very few people have managed to grow crops so there could be no food by March, where we normally expect people to have harvested.

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