Helen Zille Takes Over The Job Of Traffic Warden – Directs Traffic


Being a public figure in the government is not just about earning a huge salary and gaining recognition, it’s more about using the big bucks you earn to help others in the society. It is also about using your prominence to step into ugly situations in the society where you know that your presence will be respected, to fix tings when they are going wrong. So when the Premier of the Western Cape, a member of the Western Cape Provincial Parliament, leader of South Africa’s opposition Democratic Alliance political party, and a former Mayor of Cape Town; her majesty, Helen Zille noticed there was traffic congestion near her home, she stepped out and did the unthinkable.

She started directing traffic to clear the congestion… an act that has been described as very remarkable and in the words of Helen Zille’s spokesman, Michael Mpofu “The premier saw a need and she stepped in to help where she could,” Chivalry is not dead after all.

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“Her effort resulted in the traffic jam being cleared within three minutes.”

For this action, Zille received praises for not turning a blind eye and criticisms for “taking laws into her hands”

Hellen Zille3

She, however, responded, saying the traffic jam was caused by a traffic light that had broken down and that it only took her 3 minutes to clear up the congestion.

And with respect to taking the laws into her hands, Helen Zille highlighted that she had earlier asked the police who were sitting in their van to help out however, she eventually decided to sort it out herself.

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