Helen Zille Using State Funds To Promote Racism – BLF


According to the Black First Land First (BLF) movement, Helen Zille, the Western Cape Premier is using state funds to promote racism.

BLF said it is appalled that the leader of “the racist Democratic Alliance (DA)…decided to use tax payers money to defend and promote racism.”

The movement opened a case of racism against the Premier at the Equality Court of the Western Cape High Court. That was after Zille’s infamous tweets about colonialism.

Now, BLF is agitating that it’s uncool for Zille to use state funds to defend the racism case they brought her way. The movement related that it “was shocked to receive notification from state attorneys indicating that Zille will be using state resources to defend her racism.”

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“This means it’s the very black people’s money that Zille will use to try to defend the indefensible. This use of state resources is equal to abuse of her office as premiere of the Western Cape,” stated the movement.

With that, the movement expressed that Zille’s use of state resources to promote racism is nothing less than corruption. To them, it’s clear that the Premier “intentionally and purposefully” tweeted the colonialism tweets “to harm black people’s dignity and integrity.”

Thus, the movement will be asking the High Court to make Zille pay the cost of the application herself. “No more shall state resources be used to promote racism and corruption,” BLF charged.

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Afterwards, BLF asserted that having political power in all the main metros of South Africa is the source of “Zille’s brazen arrogance and open racism.”

“The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) have contributed a lot in the current white arrogance by giving land thieves political power. DA has also shown how lightly it takes racism by not suspending Zille and removing her from office as Premier,” added BLF.

Above all, the movement vowed that it will continue to use all means necessary to fight racism.