400 Community Health Contract Workers Celebrate Triumph Over Gauteng Health Department


Community health workers approached Labor Court when Gauteng health department advertised their jobs in January without informing the workers.

Although the health department told the workers to re-apply for their jobs and that some of them will be re-hired, the dissatisfied employees got lawyers from Werksmans Attorneys to represent them in labor Court.

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The Labor Court today, ruled in favor of community health workers stating that irrespective of the workers’ status as contract workers, they are employees of the health department and ought to have been informed prior to their jobs being advertised.

Reporting this, health 24 related that the jobs of at least 400 community health workers may have been temporarily saved following the Labor Court ruling that the Gauteng Department of Health violated labor laws when it advertised the jobs without notice.

Essentially, the ruling means that the community health workers will keep their jobs for according to Steve Mabona, the spokesperson of Gauteng Health Department, the department will not appeal the judgment.

Speaking, Mabona said; “the judgment is fair. According to our interpretation of it, the court pronounced that these employees can be referred to as government employees. However, their employment conditions does not change from that of being contract employees of the department for a stipulated period.”

The workers, aware that their contract can be terminated with prior notice, will be meeting with lawyers to discuss the possibility of taking further legal action to secure permanent employment.

Commenting on their victory, on of the workers said; “I am so happy and cannot express how I feel right now, this is the beginning of my future and my family’s. Now I will be able to plan for my children.”

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