Handbag Thief Caught: This Is What Happens When A Criminal’s Luck Runs Out


For some people, luck can be in a horribly short supply when they need it most, while for some others when they think there is no luck left, that is when mother luck shows up in all her forms. A handbag thief ran out of luck when he was nabbed and given the beating of his life after he snatched a woman’s handbag at Die Heuwel area.

A woman who works at a house in the Die Heuwel area was standing at  the corner of Amsterdam and OR Tambo waiting for  other domestic workers to arrive when a skinny guy wearing horrible looking dreadlocks walked over, grabbed the old lady’s handbag and took off onto the four lane and towards the veld on the other side of the road since he was certain that the old lady would not be able to give a serious pursuit much less run across the four-lane as fast as he could.

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Unfortunately for the criminal, a plumber who was traveling along the same road with his workers in the back of his bakkie heard the woman’s screams and decided to come to her aid. They gave the criminal a hot pursuit and caught up with him at the open veld. The plumber and his men gave that criminal a beating before carrying him back to the woman who gave him a piece of her mind too.

Leaning into the bakkie where he was kept until the authorities arrived, the woman yells at him, calling him a “tsotsi” and a “skelm”.

“Why don’t you go get a job,” she yells out at him in IsiNdebele. After giving him a few poundings, one of the woman’s friends picks up what appears to be a broomstick and gives the man a few lashes too for scaring her friend.

“Say sorry, say sorry,” the plumber urges the alleged handbag thief, but he keeps mom.

“This thing of you smoking [nyaope] will get you killed,” the victim says. “You will get killed,” she continues.

The police were called and the man was arrested and charged with robbery. He has been scheduled to appear in the Witbank Magistrate’s Court. The suspect was caught before he could take anything from the woman’s bag.

Watch the video below, and see the beatings the criminal received.