Revealed! Molefe Was Reinstated To Help Guptas Acquire Optimum Coal Mine


When it emerged that Mr Brain Molefe has been reinstated as the CEO of Eskom, the Fighters (EFF) upheld that it’s an illegal, corrupt move that is completely based on advancing the personal interests of Molefe as a Gupta stooge.

EFF asserted that “Molefe is a spoiled-brat of the Guptas. He clearly is not earning a good salary as an MP and he went to cry to his handlers, who then issued an instruction for his reappointment into Eskom,” added the Fighters.

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With that, EFF wailed thus:

“Only in a banana republic can a person resign from a State Owned Enterprise as CEO based on strong allegations against them, then become a public representative, and when they are not appointed to cabinet, then returns to his CEO job. (SIC)”

Now the Fighters have buttressed on Molefe being a spoiled brat of the Guptas, affirming that he was reinstated as Eskom CEO to help the Gupta family secure the Optimum Coal Mine.

The assertion follows the recent confession made about Mr Molefe and the Guptas by Ngoako Ramatlhodi, the former Minister of Mineral Resources.

According to the former Minister, the chairperson and CEO of Eskom, Ben Ngubane and Mr Molefe approached him to help the Gupta family secure the Optimum Coal Mine.

The Fighters described Ramatlhodi’s revelation as another confirmation of the state capture ploys of the Gupta family.

EFF pointed out that the Optimum Coal Mine reached business rescue in August and, alleged that Brian Molefe refused to renegotiate a long-term supply with the hopes of securing it for the Gupta family.

“After attempting to influence former Minister Ramatlhodi to suspend Glencore’s mining licences (which failed), Jacob Zuma then fired Minister Ramatlhodi.

“These occurrences in their sequence prove beyond doubt that everything the EFF has been saying that the Zuma and Molefe work for the Gupta family and their corrupt interests.

“It will therefore not be a surprise should Brian Molefe continue to penalise and destabilise Optimum Coal Mine with the quest to secure it for the Gupta family.

“In fact, it was for this reason and more that Brian Molefe was taken back to Eskom by the Gupta family,” stated the Fighters.

Based on the foregoing, the Fighters reiterated that President Jacob Zuma must be removed as the leader of South Africa. “Every decision he takes is meant to further entrench the country and its resources into the hands of the corrupt Gupta family,” lamented EFF.

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Meanwhile, the party said it is consulting legal counsel and will approach the courts to stop the “madness”.

“The ANC always said people are trying to co-govern with them through the courts. This is caused by such mad decisions which render us as a country into a mockery and a banana republic.

“(We) will not allow that and will fight to the end to return the rule of law in our country against all manner of kleptocracy in our government,” proclaimed the Fighters.

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