Gupta Leaks: The Gupta Brothers Sexually Harassed Female Employees


Gupta Leaks – It has been exposed that working for the Guptas as a female employee means being sexually harassed and exploited.

Three ladies who worked for the family has related how they were sexually preyed on by the Gupta brothers.

As revealed, the former female employees who worked as personal assistants to the Gupta brothers said they were handed cash payouts and threatened with unemployment to remain effectively mute about the sexual harassments.

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The first lady, Christine (not real name) worked as a personal assistant to Tony Gupta for just one day. She said it was the “worst 24 hours” of her life.

Christine was asked to accompany Tony Gupta on an overnight business trip to Cape Town. They arrived at a house in Cape Town where she was offered a Coke to drink and informed she shouldn’t use her cellphone at any time.

The personal assistant was worried she couldn’t inform her husband they arrived safely when she was called for a bedroom meeting with Tony.

At the meeting, Tony told Christine that all his PAs are expected to give him massages and sleep in the same bed as him.

“I told him I was not comfortable with that and would prefer my own bed and bathroom. He then asked me to give him a massage. I declined,” Christine said.

Afterwards, she was offered another coke. “I had another Coke and I don’t know what happened, but it was like I had been drinking alcohol,” she said.

Tony locked Christine up in the bedroom and wouldn’t let her leave. There, she called her husband and informed him of what’s happening.

The lady escaped from the house when she had the chance and hid in a bush waiting for a relative to pick her up. Later, she emailed her resignation to Sahara CEO Ashu Chawla. The email which is part of the Gupta leaks read:

“I, …hereby hand in my resignation letter with immediate effect under the circumstances of Sexual Harassment.”

When Christine’s husband confronted the Guptas about the incident, they accused her of dancing provocatively and silenced the man with R10,000 in cash.

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Buzz South Africa learnt that another PA who worked for the Guptas for a short period of time confirmed Christine’s story.

The woman was contacted by Scorpio. She remarked that stories like Christine’s are common among Guptas female employees. She severally suggested that the Guptas have been using cash payouts to prevent the stories from circulating.

Another former female employee of the Guptas, Janet (not real name) told Scorpio that all the Guptas brothers tried their luck with her.

While Ajay Gupta tried to get her to touch him inappropriately, Tony made sexual advances and threatened she will lose her job if she won’t cooperate.

Ajay would “force himself on me and kiss me multiple times. I eventually just let it happen to make sure I didn’t lose my job. He would put my hand down his pants.

“I kept this information to myself in fear of losing my job, which I really needed back then… But now that I think of it, I was given ‘gifts’ to keep me quiet. After every incident, I would get a small ‘payback’ for all my hard work,” Janet narrated.

And the Gupta leaks saga continues…