Rape Demons Plaguing Mpumalanga, Avoid The Province During Weekends


Rape is undeniably, one of the most terrible crimes on earth and it happens almost always in South Africa. In Mpumalanga Province, 10 rape cases are recorded every weekend, GRIP (Greater Rape Intervention Programme) divulged.

South Africa has been doing a lot to stop rape. The problem remains however. For one thing, the establishments combating rape haven’t done much in teaching South African males not to rape.

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Sometimes, female rape victims are regarded as independent agents who ought to be responsible for themselves. Of course, they are. But being responsible has little to do with being raped.

Most rape victims don’t get raped because they weren’t careful. They were raped because someone raped them. As such, efforts to combat rape devoted to teaching women how not to get raped is quite useless.

Until South Africa fights rape from its source, and teach the rapists not to rape, the crime will thrive in the country.

GRIP said 10 people are raped in Mpumalanga Province every weekend and that they are now struggling to help victims of sexual abuse.

Licky Thusi GRIP’s Deputy CEO told SABC that GRIP admit about 10 rape survivals per weekend.

She said; “what is shocking is that of the ten which will be reported, you’ll find that six of them happens to be children who are under the age of 18.

…The other thing that you need to be aware of is the fact that as much as Grip is trying to do some services for rape victims, we are not occupying the whole of Mpumalanga Province,” Thusi added.

Highlighting that Mpumalanga Province has South Africa’s highest HIV and AIDS statistics, GRIP asserted that there is an urgent need to advocate for Gender Based Violence and Rape prioritization in the province.

“An alarming number of rapes are committed by relatives, homes are no longer a place of safety, nurturing and protection. The predators are the victims’ very own brothers and fathers. The safety and protection of vulnerable children and unemployed women and girls is severely compromised,” wailed GRIP

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The rape intervention programme was established in 2000 after a teenage girl contracted HIV from a rape incident and eventually died of an AIDS related illness.