Grace Bible Church Homophobic Sermon: Zahara Schools Somizi


While we were hoping that the fire of somizi’s weekend rants has been quenched, singing sensation Zahara decided to add her sweet voice to the debate that started with Grace Bible Church homophobic sermon.

This followed TV star Somizi Mhlongo’s outburst when a guest pastor Bishop Dag Heward-Mills at Grace Bible Church on Sunday, preached against homosexuality. His immediate reaction was to “visibly” walk away from the church and later took to social media to rant about it.

In a series of videos posted on Instagram, Somizi told fans how and why he had to storm out of the church while the sermon was going on. Apparently, he wasn’t happy hearing the pastor call all gay people “sinners.”


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Subsequently, the TV personality and Idols SA judge topped the trends list. His reaction also led to a heated debate on social media.

While some fans rallied behind Somizi in support of his defense of the LGBTI community, some others said he overreacted. They blatantly told him to transfer his anger to God, not the pastor who was only preaching what the Bible says.

In addition, musician Bulelwa ‘Zahara’ Mtukutana took to Instagram to share her thoughts on the Grace Bible Church homophobic sermon. In fact, the songstress came up with some ideas on what to do when faced with homophobia in the church.

“Guys you go to church and read the same Bible you brought yourself. So don’t be choosy when in comes to your sins. Go write your own Bible,” she said.

Evidently, Zahara is of the view that the pastor was preaching what he read from the bible and not his own words. In other words, she literally poked fun at Somizi since he was the one who walked away because he didn’t like what the sermon portrayed.

Both the guest pastor and Grace Bible Church have become the centre of a social media storm following the homophobic comments.

Meanwhile, Reverend Ezekiel Mathole of the Grace Bible Church in Soweto says TV personality Somizi Mhlongo would not be blamed for walking out of a sermon he found homophobic. Nevertheless, Mathole maintains that his church doesn’t discriminate against gay people and will never do that.

Speaking on the controversial Grace Bible Church homophobic sermon, Mathole said the sermon was “very provocative” and that it was not only for gay people. He added that the sermon affected different lifestyles that people lead in their day-to-day activities as human beings.