20 Government Officials Fly Off To China To Learn About Their SEZs Jobs


A 20-member group of government officials tasked with enhancing the productivity of Special Econimic Zones (SEZs) in South Africa will today, fly off to Tianjin, China to participate in a month-long capacity building program on SEZs.

Speaking for the Department of Trade and Industry (dti), the Trade and Industry Minister, Rob Davies disclosed that the essence of the SEZs Program is to bless policymaker, and development agents with the knowledge of the essential requirements needed to enhance the productivity of SEZs In South Africa.

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BuzzSouthAfrica learnt that the training will coach government officials on infrastructural development, developing investment propositions, how to deal with potential investors, public-private partnerships models and other related topics.

The training is part of a five-year agreement South Africa and China signed in 2014. And according to Davies, “is important to ensure that all stakeholders have the technical know-how required for the successful development of SEZs in South Africa.

One of the major challenges that government has identified in relation to the development of SEZs … is the capacity constraint across the three tiers of government,” Davies revealed.

He related that an initial capacity assessment of provinces and municipalities, suggested that they need the knowledge that will help actualize the goals of the special economic zones.

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Thus, Davies asserted that “it is this background that the department deemed it necessary to design and implement a systematic Capacity Building Program on SEZs in order to create a pool of skilled and trained officials, who will make the implementation of the SEZ program a success.

Despite the strong and mutually beneficial political and economic relations that we have with China, the country is regarded as one of the best in the world when it comes to the implementation of the SEZs model.

Our officials will be greatly empowered by being exposed to the zones in China and how they are managed,” the Minister added.