Gordhan Says He Never Received Any Letter From Ntlemeza To Provide Answers On SARS Rogue Unit


Present SA Minister of Finance Pravin Gordhan has denied ever receiving any letter from the head of Hawks Berning Ntlemeza that prompted him with an ultimatum to respond to questions about a controversial South African Revenue Service (Sars) unit by 4pm on Monday.

According to a report that appeared on the Sunday Independent on Sunday, there were quotes and excerpts from the letter, saying that the head of the Hawks Ntlemeza had told Gordhan on Friday that he had to set a deadline for him to respond to the 27 questions about the controversial South African Revenue Service (Sars) unit.

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last month, one of Gordhan’s legal representatives Malatji pointed out in the letter sent to office of the national head of the Directorate for Priority Crime Investigation that at the time Gordan received the Hawks’ first letter (February 19), the minister was busy preparing the National Budget speech which was of national and economic importance.

On the other hand, Gordhan has previously categorized the questions sent to him as planned attempt to intimidate him ahead of his budget presentation.

While Addressing the issue of the letter that was never received, Gordhan indicates that he is also searching for this mysterious letter that was allegedly sent to him and he is also baffled as to how a journalist appears to have it at his disposal while he (Gordhan) to whom the letter was addressed to, does not have it.

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He also pointed out that his lawyers had previously informed Ntlemeza of the impossibility of meeting any deadlines he’d set because he (Gordhan) was out of the country on his investment roadshow right after the budget was presented to the parliament.

Gordhan also suggested that the alleged letter may have been leaked when it entered the wrong hands probably in the bid to intimidate and harass people as previously done by the old security police.

Gordhan remains unwavering in his reply and strongly believes that the head of the Hawks is not entirely honest in his actions.

Meanwhile, the alleged rogue unit is accused of having conducted illegal spying on tax payers and politicians. President Jacob Zuma wants Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan to cooperate with Hawks in Investigating the allegations leveled against him. The president made this call after he heard the details of the case.

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